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See Photo From ‘Smothered’ & ’90 Day Fiance’ Crossover In Vegas

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sMothered mom Mary, known for her rather intimate relationship with her daughter Brittani, met up with a 90 Day Fiance star in Vegas. So, who did she meet with, and is he available? The interesting crossover between two TLC stars sparked some interest from fans on Instagram this weekend. Actually, it seems a rather unlikely possibility that they hook up. But you never know with these cast members. Fans agree that some of them act rather strangely at times.

sMothered crossover – Mary meets 90 Day Fiance star

If you can’t recall, Mary from sMothered, lived with her daughter Brittani in Jensen Beach Florida. Apparently, they caught him masturbating. And that qualified as something terribly sinful for Brittani. Anyway, since then, poor old Frank died of cancer in November last year. Actually, the obituary came from the church he attended. Many TLC fans believed that Brittani was merely jealous of anyone who took her mom’s attention away from her.

Need more reminding? Brittani and her mom went for showers together and colonic cleansing. And many sMothered fans thought they almost bordered in an incestuous relationship. Later, Brittani declared that she hid a secret from her mom, and declared that she’s a lesbian. So, what do we know about who she met up with from 90 Day Fiance? Notably, many people accused him of doing the TLC show just for just five minutes of fame.

90 Day Fiance star meets up in Vegas

The person that Mary met up with at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas is none other than David Murphy. You probably recall that he chased after Lana for a long time. Plus, he spent a lot of money on her. However, she ghosted on him so many times, fans th0ught he should just give up. But for a little bit, fans thought they actually might become engaged. However, at the Tell-All, David confirmed they broke up. Nevertheless, he hoped in time, something might come if it. So, probably he never went to Vegas with her when he hooked up with the sMothered star, Mary.

Actually, Lana later told her fans that they never really became serious and they both did the show just for some exposure. Whether David and Mary just ran into each other or contacted each other about both being in Las Vegas seems a bit vague. But they certainly spent a bit of time together. And some fans agree that Mary looks rather similar in appearance to Lana. Maybe David likes a certain type of woman.

Fans react to the meetup in Las Vegas

@90Daythemelantedway shared a post that revealed the two TLC stars smiling and looking happy together. The admin caption it with, “90 Day Fiance + Smothered News Alert 🚨. Well look-y here! David & Mary from Smothered “ran into each other” at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas! Of course, not everyone from the 90 Day fan page watches the other TLC show. So, at least one them asked who Mary might be.

Smothered & 90 Day Fiance Crossover In Vegas Meet-Up
Credit: 90daythemelanatedway | Instagram

Others, who know of sMothered and Mary commented. One of them said, “At least she lives in the USA.”

Another one commented, “Wait… this actually might be a good match 🤣🤣.”

Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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