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How To Watch ‘Punky Brewster’ Reboot & Original For FREE

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Punky Brewster was an icon for young girls in the mid-1980s. Her mismatched shoes, adorable freckles and can-do attitude won viewers over for four seasons. Now she’s back, thanks to a wave of nostalgia and streaming services trying to one-up each other. 

In 2020, NBCUniversal announced they were getting into the streaming game with Peacock TV. One of the first of their original shows was a Saved By The Bell reboot. Keeping with the ‘80s theme, they also plotted to revive Punky Brewster. The first season of the reboot was released earlier this month. 

Soleil Moon Frye Back in Punky’s Mismatched Shoes

Child actress Soleil Moon Frye filled Punky Brewster’s eccentric shoes for four seasons, first on NBC and then in syndication. Abandoned by her parents, young Punky charms Henry Warnimont (George Gaynes) into becoming her foster dad. She becomes fast friends with Cherie (Cherie Johnson.) 

The original show revolves mainly around Punky and Cherie’s antics. 

40 years later, Soleil Moon Frye returns to the role that made her famous. But this time, she’s a single-ish mom of a mixture of biological and adopted kids. ‘90s movie star Freddie Prinze Jr. takes on the role of Punky’s husband, Travis. 

In a delightful casting nod to the original, Cheri Johnson returns as Punky’s BFF, Cherie. According to Today, actress Ami Foster also has a guest appearance as their old friend Margaux. 

Hannah (Lauren Lindsey Donzis) is the biological daughter of Punky and Travis. They later adopted Diego (Noah Cottrell), Daniel (Oliver De Los Santos.) Despite being divorced, Travis and Punky are still close.  

In the first episode of the reboot, Punky meets Izzy (Quinn Copeland.) Izzy is a young girl in the same foster care center where Punky lived for a while. 

The reboot features a lot of throwbacks to the original series, including the intro and theme song. 

How to Watch Original & Reboot Punky Brewster

Good news for viewers looking to go back in time. The Punky Brewster reboot came out on Peacock TV streaming on February 25th. All 10 episodes of Season 1 of the revival are available. Unlike the Saved By The Bell reboot, Punky Brewster is FREE. All you need is an email address to create an account on Peacock TV streaming. 

The app is free to download to your phone or smart TV. You can also create an account on the Peacock TV website and watch there. 

If you still can’t get enough Punky Power, the original series is also available on Peacock TV streaming for free. 

Have you watched the Punky Brewster reboot yet? Let us know in the comments if you think it lives up to the original. 

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