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What Did Will Klein Do On His Birthday?

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Will Klein turned 11-years-old a few days ago. His mom, Jen Arnold shared a slideshow of throwback photos. And one of the pictures revealed a big cake. But, apart from enjoying some nice tasty treats, what else did he do? In the past, during non-covid-19 days, sometimes fans saw some exciting celebrations for The Little Couple boy. But for 2021, maybe the family low-keyed it with one of Will’s favorite activities.

Will Klein turned 11 – photos  by Jill Arnold on his birthday

On Will’s birthday, we reported that Jen Arnold shared a slideshow on her TikTok and Instagram. She said that she couldn’t believe how quickly the time went. And The Little Couple fans saw a whole range of cute photos. From Will as a tiny toddler, through the years fans could see him as he grew up. The young TLC star always seems to smile. And clearly, he lived a fantastic life with Jen Arnold since his adoption from China.

However, at the time, Will Klein’s mom never said what they actually did on his birthday. Nevertheless, on Saturday, February 27, she dropped a clue in another photo that she shared on Instagram. Actually, apart from football, the young kid also loves going fishing. Jill shared a photo of him proudly holding up his catch. Barefoot on the pier sounds like a really healthy option for a boy’s birthday. Fans saw Will fishing in the past. Photos came from his mom, and TLC also showed him enjoying the activity a few years ago.

 The Little Couple kid went fishing

The photo that Jen shared came after his actual birthday. She said in her caption that he fished on his birthday. Her caption read: “I love that Will loves to fish! He takes after my dad & me. On his birthday he was the only one who caught the big catch!” Well, lucky Will Klein lives in Florida and quite often, fans see the family out enjoying themselves on boats. So, it seems like an ideal thing to do in the fine weather.

In the comments section, a lot of The Little Couple fans expressed their amazement at how big and tall Will looks these days. One or two frowned upon fishing as an activity. However, most people think there’s nothing wrong with it. And, for all TLC fans know, there’s a good chance that Will Klein threw the fish back into the water after the photo. Maybe he posed for the picture with that fish as its stripes twinned with his tee and short pants.

Will Klein On His Birthday
Credit: Dr. Jen Arnold | Instagram

It sounds like he had a lot of fun. And certainly, that big smile reveals a very happy birthday boy. What do you think of Will going fishing on his birthday? Sound off in the comments below.

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