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Danielle Busby Ignores Health Issues

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Danielle Busby sees a doctor about her health issues in the current season of OutDaughtered. And fans saw her crying in the teasers because she fears possible heart surgery. If you follow Danielle on her social media, you’ll know that she tries slowing down. Obviously, doctors told her to cut back on too much work and other activities. But now they visit the beach, she decided to ignore her health issues.

Danielle Busby won’t let health issues stop her from doing her favorite things

We reported that when the new season of OutDaughtered got teasers, they revealed the heart surgery concerns. So probably, Adam and Danielle knew more about her health issues than they let on. While they told TLC fans she became unwell, they kept a lot of details private. All fans knew is that she suffered from pain and tingling sensations in her arms and legs. She went for a lot of tests. And started relaxing and slowing things down. But the possible heart surgery only came out in the show. Probably, they kept it secret so as to not spoil the new season.

InTouch Weekly reported two years ago, that Danielle Busby started something of a tradition with her kids. Whenever they go somewhere nice, she gets them all doing handstands. Actually, fans of the family know that Danielle posts up photos of herself doing her handstands all over the place. In fact, if you search on Google for it, lots of photos pop up. Previously, fans saw her doing a handstand on the edge of a cliff above a river in Oklahoma. And once, she posted herself doing one inside a cave. Now, she ignored her health condition and tried a really difficult one.

Currently, the family vacation in the Florida Keys

The Busby family goes on vacation so often, that some fans become confused between beaches in Louisiana and Florida. Suffice to say, it seems they are in Florida at this time. Danielle Busby said in her latest post, “Forget about all the current health struggles…for just a moment…or two.” She simply couldn’t resist doing her famous handstand. In fact, she did two, and one of them seemed really difficult.

In her caption, the OutDaughtered mom noted that she did a handstand “on an air boat in the middle of the Everglades.” However, she then tried something rather more challenging. She thought it might be a good idea to try one on a “Paddle board.” Danielle Busby admitted that it really seemed like a difficult task. But she kept on trying until she “nailed it.” She said that she wasn’t going to walk away until she met her self-set challenge. Her photo revealed she accomplished a perfect handstand out on the water.

OutDaughtered fans react to the amazing handstand

In the comments section of Danielle’s post, a lot of fans congratulated her on her amazing feat. One fan cautioned her against the Everglades. They wrote, “You do not want to fall in the water in the Everglades 🐊.” Well, fortunately, she didn’t. However, most fans thought she did amazing with her handstand. And almost nobody commented on Danielle Busby ignoring her health issues.

Danielle Busby Ignores Health Issues
Credit: Danielle Busby | Instagram

What are your thoughts on Danielle feeling so determined to complete her handstand despite her health issues? Sound off in the comments below.

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