Cobra Kai Season 4 Spoilers: Peyton List gets promoted to series regular. (Photo by Peyton List/Instagram)

‘Cobra Kai’ Spoilers: 2 Cast Members Get Promotions Ahead Of Season 4

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Cobra Kai Season 4 is officially underway. Spoilers for the upcoming season have been scarce. However, a few nuggets of information have started to be revealed. One big piece of info comes in the way of casting news. According to Variety, both Peyton List and Vanessa Rubio are now series regulars.

Peyton List joined the cast in Season 2. She plays the tough, and aggressive Tory Nichols. While the character has a tough external shell, fans also get to see her heart. Tory is currently the biggest enemy of Miyagi-Do’s lone female, Samantha LaRusso.

Cobra Kai fans will be seeing more of Tory Nichols in Season 4

Tory and Sam got off on the wrong foot right from the start. Later, their bad blood began to run deep when they started to fight over their mutual love interest, Miguel Diaz.

When fans last saw Tory she had just gotten into a brutal fight with Sam. The two showed off their karate skills during an epic battle at the LaRusso home. Thankfully, Miyagi-Do won the battle, and Tory was sent packing before the pair were able to physically hurt one another.

However, Tory promised to keep seeking revenge on Sam and her dojo. She also threatened her former Cobra Kai teammates, Miguel and Hawk, calling them “traitors.”

Meanwhile, Vanessa Rubio will also be getting more screen time in Season 4. The actress has been with the show since Season 1 and plays Miguel’s mother, Carmen Diaz. Over the first three seasons, Carmen has entered into a romance with Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). By the end of Season 3, the two had taken things to the next level.

It seems that Carmen and Johnny will continue their romance in upcoming episodes. Of course, Miguel will always need his mother as he continues to recover from his scary back injury.

Johnny and Carmen’s relationship is heating up

Viewers will remember that at the end of Season 2, Miguel was pushed over a railing by none other than Johnny’s son, Robby. He suffered an injury that left him in a wheelchair. Doctors told Carmen that he may never walk again. However, Johnny was determined to help him get back on his feet. By the end of Season 3, he was back to Karate, and even beat Kyler in a brutal showdown.

Carmen and Johnny’s relationship has become a huge part of the storyline. Johnny is always looking to do better for himself, but it is his love for both Miguel and Carmen that motivates him to pick himself up each time that he falls short in life.

Cobra Kai originally began airing on YouTube Red. However, after two seasons the series was bought by Netflix. All of the episodes began streaming on the platform ahead of the Season 3 premiere in January. Of course, fans have fallen in love with The Karate Kid sequel series, and can’t wait until Season 4 rolls out.

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