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Jamie Otis Is Shook After First ‘Becoming Body Positive’ Session

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Everyone’s favorite Married at First Sight alum is feeling all the feels after her first live Become Body Positive session! In an Instagram video, Jamie Otis is glowing and crying happy tears. Sharing her appreciation and excitement over her virtual session to help other women love their bodies. Her husband, Doug, also makes an appearance, kissing Jamie and telling her how proud of her he is. “I feel so vulnerable,” Jamie tells Doug in the video. “I put my whole heart like out on my sleeve!”

Five minutes before the session, Jamie admits she is nervously excited to help women, saying, “Oh my gosh, It’s happening! I literally have no words. I’m so pumped. I have been preparing for this for such a long time. I’m so nervous. I’ve worked so hard on it and I really hope that it does help change lives.”

Jamie Otis Reveals Her Most Unhealthy Weight

Using her daughter’s potty stool as a computer stand, Jamie streams her live. And her session has it all. Participants get warm and loving welcomes. She dances to some Lizzo. Participants are showered with affirmations. She even shares a photo of herself and tells the real truth about the context of the photo.

In the image, a skinny Jamie poses in a black and white bikini. According to Jamie, there is more to the image than meets the eye. She says during her session, “You might think that I look healthy here. But actually, I was the most unhealthy and the most insecure I have ever been in my life.”

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Credit Instagram

Become Body Positive Is A Hit

Jamie’s shock is apparent as her webinar comes to an end. She says, “I cannot believe this! Like I have just spent so long trying to love myself as I am and now to be able to help others like just…that just went…that was just amazing!!! And I’m like getting teary-eyed.”

After dealing with criticism on social media for embracing her postpartum body. Jamie has officially clapped back with her webinar. In her Instagram caption, she admits she was anxiously anticipating those same body-shamers joining her session. “….I was TERRIFIED there’d just be trolls on (it’s a free class, anyone can join!) bc I’ve been told SOOO MANY TIMES I’m just being lazy and fat for embracing my mom bod.” Shout out to Jamie for standing in her beautiful body’s truth and not backing down to the Internet haters. And fans don’t need to worry if they missed this one. There is definitely more to come

Jamie is hosting another Become Body Positive session on Thursday, March 4th. Streaming begins at 1:00 pm EST. You can reserve your seat on her website:

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