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Adam Busby Shares Lovely Picture Of Blayke

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Adam Busby shares more photos of his eldest daughter Blayke these days. On February 26, the OutDaughtered dad posted up a lovely picture of her. Many fans agreed that as she grows, she looks a lot like her mom. And fans think Danielle’s really pretty as well. In the comments section, some TLC fans also discussed who they think looks like Adam.

Adam Busby agrees his daughter Blayke’s growing into a beautiful young teen

These days, Adam sometimes gushes over his gorgeous daughter. We reported back in January, that he apparently dotes on her. He posted up a photo of the quints’ big sister when the family visited Williamsburg, VA. At the time, he commented about his “beautiful” Blayke. Meanwhile, his wife Danielle also started sharing more photos of Blayke. In one of those posts, the OutDaughtered mom revealed her starting dance class. Like Adam Busby, Danielle also called her “beautiful.”

Actually, TLC fans noticed a long time ago, that Blayke’s no plain Jane. But she suddenly started growing tall. And now she almost twins with her mom. Maybe her parents suddenly saw that physical likeness as well. Plus, all her sisters have blonde or reddish hair and Blayke’s dark. So, she stands out from the crowd. In fact, the genes on Danielle’s side seem very strong. Blayke actually looks a lot like her cousin McKenzie Mills, fans believe. But she probably inherited some of her height from Adam Busby.

Lovely photo of Blayke at the sea

Right now, the OutDaughtered family visits Florida. Earlier this week, Adam shared a photo of her interacting with the dolphins. And he talked about working with dolphin rescue being a “passion” of hers. So, fans thought that lines up with the previous prediction by Danielle that her daughter might become a veterinarian one day. It looks like the family spent some time just lazing around the beach as well. Adam Busby’s latest photo of Blayke revealed her walking along the edge of the water.

Completely oblivious of her dad, Blayke strolled right along the edge of the wavelets. Adam Busby took the snap and shared it on Instagram. He captioned it with, “See so much of her beautiful mama in her.” Well, plenty of TLC fans agreed with him. Many comments like this came along: “She does look like her beautiful mom🔥.” But others talked about the quints. And unanimously, they seem to agree that the quint Riley looks very much like her dad.

Adam Busby Shares Lovely Picture Of Blayke
Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram

And most TLC fans told Adam Busby that they think Ava, Lulu, and  Hazel seem like a perfect mix of both parents. If any of the quints look a bit like Blayke, then some fans nominate Parker. Possibly, as she grows older, more fans spot that likeness as well.

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