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It’s About Time! Witney Carson’s Baby Finally Cracks A Smile

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If you follow pro dancer Witney Carson on social media, you probably noticed something about her baby boy, Leo. He doesn’t like to smile in photos. Leo isn’t even two months old yet, but already he has a reputation for making grumpy faces at the camera. Witney recently proved he is indeed capable of smiling in a new Instagram video she uploaded.

“LEOS FIRST SMILE that we caught on film and I’m actually melting 😫😭💔” the season 19 champion captioned the video.

The little guy cackles with delight as his parents talk to him in the sweet video. Isn’t he adorable?

Leo’s facial expressions are so famous, Witney started called him her little “grumpy bear.” Even if he isn’t willing to smile in the vast majority of photos and videos, we think he’s incredibly sweet.

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Lindsay Arnold, Witney Carson’s best friend and the mother of Leo’s friend Sage, recently gave birth to her first child too. And while Leo always seems a little grumpy, Lindsay describes Sage as a very happy baby. Maybe spending time with Sage is rubbing off on Leo.

If you love looking at the sweet baby photos, be sure to follow Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold on Instagram.

What is Witney Carson up to these days?

Dancing With The Stars Season 30 may be a long way off, but Witney wants to start training. She plans to make her big return if ABC renews the show for another season this fall.

But it may take a little while for the dancer to work back up to her training routine. Witney really loves being a mom, but her labor experience sounds incredibly painful.

“I pushed for two and a half hours,” Witney told Us Weekly. “I was fully dilated and the baby just did not want to come out. He just was, like, stuck underneath my pelvis for so long. His heart rate started going really high. So we had to do an emergency C-section and obviously, we did whatever was right for the baby.”

No matter how strong someone is, an experience like that is going to take a lot out of them. Witney can surely return to the ballroom this fall, but it may take some time for her to fully regain her strength.

However, if you follow Witney on Instagram, you probably noticed that she is able to get out and about once in a while. She took Leo outside to enjoy a nice winter day and even recently teased she has an upcoming project coming up.

Even if Witney had a painful birth experience, she seems pretty resilient. Fans are excited to see her get back to the competition this fall.

Did you miss watching Witney Carson last season? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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