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Tom Brooks & Angela Deem Amuse ’90 Day Fiance’ Fans

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Tom Brooks & Angela Deem often collab in their Instagram Live posts. Clearly, they enjoy each other. And, they get along very well. Recently, they thoroughly amused 90 Day Fiance fans. Tom revealed a video of himself, alongside one of Angela Deem from TikTok. Fans thought it very funny. And, some of them were very complimentary to both of the TLC stars.

Tom Brooks & Angela Deem amusing in Tom’s latest post

Angela Deem sometimes comments on Tom’s posts on social media. And, he popped up in her Live on Valentine’s Day. 90 Day Fiance fans focused on how she looked so slim and remodeled. She captioned her post with, “prayers and happy valentines day.” Tom joined her during the Live and wished her well on her special day.  They chatted and bantered a bit, and clearly, they enjoyed themselves.

Then, four days ago, Screenrant reported that Angela posted up a video on TikTok of herself “dancing to Funky Cold Medina by Jamaican Blue Star.” She wore a “sky blue maxi dress,” and looked amazing. Plenty of fans loved her appearance and her fun dancing video.

Actually, 90 Day Fiance Fanatic on Instagram shared the dance, and Michael also performed his dance to the funky number. Now a new post revealed Tom Brooks & Angela Deem spliced together and 90 Day Fiance fans loved them dancing. Tom’s dance came with the original that Angela posted up on TikTok.

Tom Brooks & Angela Deem & Michael dancing
Credit: Angela Deem via 90 Day Fiance Fanatic 2

Dancing to Funky Cold Medina

With Angela, Michael, and now Tom Brooks dancing, it seems she started something of a trend. On February 24, Tom shared the same video of Angela dancing. Notably, without Michael in it. His own video revealed he dances really well as lots of fans congratulated him on his “moves.” Actually, fans know that he likes dancing. Recall that when he dated Darcey Silva she got all jealous when he danced with other women.  Well, Darcey left his life so now Tom Brooks & Angela Deem can dance virtually without fear of her tantrums.

In the comments section of Tom’s post, fans said they enjoyed watching the clip. One person wrote, Ok with the moves Tom!!👏” And another 90 Day Fiance fan said, “Hahahahaha that’s awesome 👏.” Actually, a lot of fans said they found it “very funny.” And once again, many TLC fans commented on how awesome Angela looks these days. One of them noted, “This is awesome! Angela looks AMAZING!” You can watch the video below.

Tom Brooks & Angela Deem dancing “together” really caught the attention of a lot of fans. And, so many of them liked the harmless but entertaining fun of it all.

What do you think of Tom’s moves and Angela looking so amazing? Sound off in the comments below.

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