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Meri Brown Has Problems Letting Go

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Meri Brown and Kody remain a hot topic with Sister Wives fans and now she admits she has problems with letting go. On her social media, Meri often shares inspirational quotes. And recently, she said that she used meditation and audio to help her. In fact, many people take her inspirational quotes as hints about her life with or without Kody. After a lot of TLC seasons, clearly, Kody and Meri remain estranged as man and wife.

Meri Brown and Kody seem unlikely to ever reunite

In the current season of Sister Wives, fans saw that Kody joked with their friend Joe Darger in Utah. He said that his four wives make him feel like a puppet with four strings. It’s all about Kody growing grumpy about living a polygamous lifestyle. And, the inference this season, is that Janelle, Robyn, Meri, and Christine make too many demands on him. Of course, the show once again revisits unhappy Meri Brown. In that scene, she told the family and the Dargers that she never asks Kody for anything. Actually, they seem even worse this year than the previous two years.

Meri Brown sticks around the family with massive determination. And fans wonder why she stays around. Clearly, whatever she and Kody had has gone. And she seems eternally unhappy. On her social media, she explains that she copes with life by undertaking some serious self-evaluation. But the problem with that seems to lie with the fact that there’s something wrong with her, rather than Kody. In a new post where she mentioned self-evaluation again, Meri admitted that she struggles with letting go. Does she struggle with cutting the ties to Kody?

Problems with letting go

In her very long post on Instagram on February 25, Meri Brown talked about how she finally realized she focuses too much on “ME.” She said, “the last couple days I’ve been in my head. It’s been about ME. Why I’m struggling, why I’m hurting, why I’m frustrated, whatever the emotions happen to be at any given moment.” And somehow, she feels some sort of compulsion to dwell on it. But then she remembered that a good idea might lie in reaching out to others in need.  So she told herself, “snap out of it sister!” And, she sent a text to someone and hopes it turns out well.

Additionally, she talked about letting go. Meri Brown admitted, “I know, easier said than done. Still working on that letting go part.” Obviously, the Sister Wives star experiences some problems letting go of her own feeling that she has a lot of personal issues. But equally, she could cryptically refer to letting go of Kody. After all, about 90 percent of all her posts come in some sort of cryptic code. Or at least, fans of the show take them that way.

Meri Brown Has Problems Letting Go
Credit: Meri Brown | Instagram

In the comments section, fans told Meri Brown that they liked the idea of thinking about others instead of themselves. But other fans once again suggested that she just gives up wasting her time on Kody once and for all and gets on with her own life.

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