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Did Adam Busby Reveal Blayke’s Possible Career Choice?

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Adam Busby shared a post about Blayke that might hint at her future career choice. Actually, the current season of OutDaughtered brings some new content with throwback tones to 2019. Both of those connections come from their vacation in Texas when the kids all rode horses for the first time. In 2019, Danielle Busby mentioned Blayke’s interests and a possible career. And, now, Adam hinted at it as well.

Adam Busby on Blayke’s possible career came in Florida

OutDaughtered fans know that the family currently visits the Florida Keys. The premiere on TLC revealed the kids went out and spotted some wild dolphins. It also revealed that Parker Kate rode a horse. We reported that back in 2019, the family visited a ranch on a “summer vacay Texas-style.” The vacation in the Palo Pinto Mountains meant the kids rode horses. But Parker was way too terrified of the animals to try. So, when Parker overcame those fears in the current season, fans seemed thrilled for her.

During their 2019 visit to the ranch, Danielle Busby also posted about Blayke. She talked about Blayke’s heart desires. In her post, she said, “Blayke would love if the rest of her life was spent on a ranch and with a horse.” As the post came just a few weeks after she thought Blayke might end up as a “veterinarian,” that fitted with the joy at the ranch. And now, Adam Busby also talked about another passion that Blayke holds dear. And it just might fit in with Danielle’s prediction that she might become a “veterinarian.”

Blayke and the dolphins in the Florida Keys

Fan already saw the kids all spot the wild dolphins. But, Adam Busby shared a photo on February 24, that revealed Blayke in the water with a dolphin. He captioned it with, “Spent the day chasing after Blayke’s passions learning to be a @marinemammalresponder.”

The Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder outfit offers tours. But, their website also talks about the Dolphin Plus mission. The site says it’s “a not-for-profit…facility, dedicated to the rescue of any sick or injured whale or dolphin in the 10,000 square miles of marine habitat in the Florida Keys.” And the mission statement, also mentions, “Our unit is comprised of skilled veterinarians and highly trained marine mammal experts.”

So, it certainly looks like Adam Busby’s daughter still aims for a veterinary career. But, maybe with dolphins rather than horses. In the comments section, OutDaughtered fans talked about Blayke. One of them said, “Help Blayke find her passion!! ❤️ awesome parents!!!”

Another TLC fan noted, “Wow. Blake is so lucky. I bet she is not gonna sleep after this awesome day she had.😙”

Adam Busby Reveal Blayke Possible Career Choice
Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram

Other people who once experienced swimming with the dolphins told Adam Busby that the memories of that day stayed with them their entire lives.

What did you think of the post by the OutDaughtered dad? Do you think Blayke might end up as a veterinarian and work with dolphin rescue? Sound off in the comments below.

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