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‘OutDaughtered’ Season 8 Premiere Spoilers & Recap: See Pictures

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The OutDaughtered Season 8 Premiere airs tonight, and we’ve already got the recap and spoilers for you! As you may (or may not) know, you can watch the Season 8 Premiere of the TLC series early by checking out discovery+.

While it is currently very hit or miss, the streaming giant seems to have taken after Showtime in regards to dropping episodes of shows the day they air. This provides those with discovery+ the unique opportunity to watch the new episode before it airs.

As a discovery+ subscriber, we at Tv Shows Ace have already watched the OutDaughtered Season 8 Premiere. And, we’ve compiled a detailed recap with spoilers for Busby fans!

Warning: To be clear, this article does contain spoilers and a recap from OutDaughtered Season 8, Episode 1 titled “Escape From Quarantine.” If you don’t have discovery+ and haven’t watched the episode yet, you may want to exit this article.

Restrictions on Texas finally lifted, Busby family ready for fun

OutDaughtered Season 8, Episode 1 titled “Escape From Quarantine” kicks off with the pandemic restrictions getting lifted on Texas. As those who follow the family on Instagram know, they almost immediately headed for the beach after they were allowed to leave their home again. Danielle and Adam Busby explain they made the decision to take a week-long trip to the beach. And, there were a few different reasons for this trip.

For starters, the quints and especially Blayke Busby needed to get out of the house. They needed to burn some energy. And, they needed to socialize with some of their cousins. As everyone can imagine the quints and Blayke were definitely getting on each other’s nerves being trapped under the same roof with no one else to play with. While they were never alone, Blayke longed for some time with children her own age.

OutDaughtered TLC YouTube

Adam and Danielle Busby admit that Ava really struggled with the quarantine because she liked having an audience to perform for. And, her comedy was growing stale under the Busby roof. Moreover, Adam and Danielle Busby also wanted to give their girls as much of their summer back as they could. Even if it was squeezed into a one-week trip to the beach.

OutDaughtered Recap & Spoilers: Demolition was another reason

This particular OutDaughtered recap wasn’t too shocking for those who follow the family on Instagram know. Social media spoilers reveal the renovation and remodel of the Busby home is already complete. Season 8 of OutDaughtered is just documenting the process.

As we mentioned in our overview of what to expect from OutDaughtered Season 8, the Busby girls got the chance to participate in the demo process. Adam and Danielle quickly realized giving all of their five-year-old girls’ hammers might’ve not been the best decision. Riley was extremely eager to bust down the walls. So much so that they had a difficult time getting her to stop.

OutDaughtered TLC YouTube

Date night and another moldy problem?

During their week-long trip to the beach, Danielle and Adam Busby get Uncle Dale and MiMi to watch all eight of the children. This way, they can enjoy a little date night. The OutDaughtered parents admit that it has been a very long time since they went on a true date night without children. As those who follow them on Instagram know, Adam and Danielle cherish each other and their time alone together. They believe it is widely important for them to get time alone and away from their children. If they cannot find time for each other alone… They cannot function as the parents their children need them to be.

As far as OutDaughtered Season 8 spoilers go, it probably isn’t too shocking to know Uncle Dale has a good handle on watching the quints and Blayke in addition to his own children. More times than not they do go stay the night with him when something comes up or if Danielle and Adam need him for something.

OutDaughtered TLC YouTube

During their date night, Adam and Danielle decide to call and check in about the demolition. Prior to leaving, they learned of a leak pouring water. Given their history with mold, the Busby parents were terrified they had another moldy problem on their hands.

As far as a recap and spoilers ago, this next one is pretty relieving. Adam and Danielle were informed they did not have a mold issue to be concerned with. The water damage, however, was extensive. And, they were not sure if the renovation project would stay on schedule.

The girls return to school soon

Adam and Danielle Busby reveal the girls will be returning to school soon. Spoilers on Instagram reveal all five quints started kindergarten. Blayke ended up going to virtual school for a bit until her school could adjust and prepare to bring her in for in-person schooling. Adam and Danielle caught a little heat for the girls dressing inappropriately. Likewise, they were also dragged for sending the girls to school in dirty clothing at one point in time.

Fans on their Instagram, however, have always been quick to point out they do live in Texas. It is warm and humid in Texas. And, they are likely going to dress their children a little differently than someone in another part of the U.S.

OutDaughtered TLC YouTube

OutDaughtered Recap & Spoilers: Parker overcomes anxiety, gets on a horse

Parker Busby faces a big fear of hers during the Season 8 Premiere. And, we are happy to report she does an incredible job. Adam and Danielle Busby remind fans that Parker was terrified to go horseback riding the last time the family did so. The Busby parents have made it clear they do not force their girls to do things. And, they give them a lot of freedom to make their own choices. Parker had a crippling fear when it came to horseback riding. And, fans know she really struggles with anxiety.

Parker, however, insisted she was five years old now. And, she wanted to ride on a horse. Each of the quints had to pick one adult to ride with. Parker decided she wanted her daddy to keep her safe while she went horseback riding.

During the episode, Adam and Danielle decide to let Parker watch some of the other kiddos ride the horses first. Hoping this will be a way for her to see how fun the experience is. Parker didn’t talk too much during the car ride there. And, this made Adam and Danielle concerned she’d changed her mind about getting on the horse.

That being said, Parker was extremely brave. And, she embraced her fears. All of her sisters and cousins watching were extremely proud of Parker.

A beach party and a slow eating Hazel Basil

Uncle Dale Mills has revealed on Instagram more than a few times that Hazel is a very slow eater. Everyone else had finished eating and raced off to get ready for bed. Hazel was still sitting at the table working on her food. Uncle Dale jokingly asked if he should have prechewed her food to make it easier for her. It, however, quickly became clear that Hazel was upset. It wasn’t about Dale’s joke though.

Hazel reveals she was expecting some sort of party. Because of the pandemic, the quints did not really get to celebrate their fifth birthday. Certainly not in the way that Adam and Danielle wanted to celebrate. So, it sounded as if the disappointed quint was expecting this week-long trip to the beach to include some sort of party. And, she was pretty devastated as it became clear that wasn’t happening.

OutDaughtered TLC YouTube

Uncle Dale realized he was going to have to stay behind during their next venture. So, he could plan a party for the kids. He ended up recruiting some help from some of Danielle’s sisters. And, as we previously reported in separate spoilers, he threw an exciting beach party.

Dolphin spotting is a hit

While Uncle Dale Mills stayed behind to play the beach party, Danielle and Adam along with MiMi took the eight children to go dolphin spotting. The producers seized an opportunity to see what the girls thought dolphins sounded like. Each of the quints made pretty goofy dolphin impressions for the camera.

Hazel also revealed that she’d never actually see dolphins before. And, it certainly looked like a lot of fun!

OutDaughtered Recap & Spoilers: Returning home to some bad news

Adam and Danielle Busby returned home to some bad news. The progress of the demo and remodel project did not look like it was as far as they would have hoped in a week. Likewise, having five little girls inside of a home during this extensive remodel was not going to work.

After calling to express concern and seek an update, Adam and Danielle learn they would prefer the girls to not be in the home for the next two weeks. The OutDaughtered parents are devastated. They need this renovation done before the girls return to school. But, that requires working all hours of the day and night. And, they can’t do that with five quints running around the house.

OutDaughtered TLC YouTube

Adam and Danielle Busby admit they are baffled. They’ll have to figure it out. But, they can’t just move their family of eight (or nine if you include the dog) to someone else’s house for two weeks.

OutDaughtered Season 8, Episode 1 titled “Escape From Quarantine” airs tonight on TLC. Share your thoughts on our recap and spoilers in the comments!

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