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James McCoy Taylor Survives Near-Death Accident

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James McCoy Taylor escaped death or serious injury almost miraculously this weekend. The Bachelorette alum shared a photo of himself in what looks like an ambulance. Clearly, the controversial member of the ABC franchise is very lucky to be alive. In fact, serious injury also evaded him and the doctors could hardly believe it. So what happened?

James McCoy Taylor critics might attribute near-death accident to karma

Recently, the Bachelorette alum came under fire from the Bachelor franchise fans. Firstly, he felt okay with the fact that many of the cast members supported Donald Trump. We reported in November 2020, that “he’s been open and very candid about his support of ‘The Red Wave.” But he also said that he’s not alone and lots of other people seem likeminded in the franchise. Right now, the cast of the show comes under pressure if they don’t speak out against host Chris Harrison.

The controversial scandal and accusations of racism against Chris Harrison resulted in him stepping away from the show. So, anyone perceived to be a Trump supporter gets a lot of heat from critics. The show faces a lot of slamming and became a huge topic about the cancel culture. On January 18, James McCoy Taylor made the headlines in the mainstream media. Fox News reported that “Bachelor Nation” erupted as he attended the rally in Washington on January 6. The outlet noted that it’s “unclear if McCoy [featured] in the group that breached the security of the Capitol building.” However, critics might attribute his near-death encounter to karma because of that.

Run over by a Toyota Tundra

In his post on Instagram, James explained what happened in his accident. He said the Toyota “Literally hit me and ran over my back/butt with the back right tire.” People with James McCoy Taylor thought he was dead for sure, and for a second, he also thought the same thing. The Bachelorette alum said that the next thought was a fear of being “paralyzed.” But almost miraculously, he stood up and made it to the hospital. There, the doctor seemed amazed.

He wrote, “the doctor said in 30 years she’s never seen anyone come in with actual tire marks on their body and walk out the same day.” Describing his injuries, James added, “Not one fracture. No internal bleeding. Just skin gone and deep bruising.” Next, James McCoy Taylor noted, “God MUST have been behind it and if this isn’t the best reminder to live every day for Him then I don’t know what is!!!” Check out the injuries below:

James McCoy Taylor Survives Near-Death Accident
Credit: James McCoy Taylor | Instagram

Certainly, the Bachelorette alum seemed very lucky he didn’t die or suffer much worse injuries. One fan told James McCoy Taylor: “Holy crap! As a trauma ICU nurse I have seen a lot of stuff and I can’t believe you walked away with only road rash and a bruise. That’s crazy! I am so glad you are ok!”

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