Busby Kids Beach day

Busby Kids Enjoy Sublime Beach Day In Florida

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The Busby kids seem very fortunate as they travel a lot to beaches or to the snowy slopes in Wyoming. Sometimes, they travel with TLC so it brings fun footage to the OutDaughtered show. Right now, the family spends time in Florida, having just escaped the winter storms in Texas. Actually, they might visit the fabulous location with the film crew. After all, just ahead of their departure, Adam said they sat down for a camera interview.

Busby kids love the beach – it never ‘gets old’

News emerged that the family traveled to Florida and a lot of people wished they could escape the cold. Many fans seemed very happy for them. But as usual, critics popped up and slammed them for their vacation. After all, Texas just experienced terrible weather and some people died. That’s when we reported that the possibility they traveled with the TLC crew existed. Bear in mind, that Uncle Dale Mills and his family suffered from the cold as well. In fact, they went to the Busby house after they experienced long power outages.

Since their arrival in Florida, Uncle Dale shared a cute photo of himself with Hazel. They looked relaxed and warm with palm trees in the background. What a difference a day or two and a bit if distance makes for the Busby kids. From freezing cold to warm with fun beach activities seems sublime. Probably, the OutDaughtered family appreciates the nice beach weather even more this time. And for the quints, Adam says it “never gets old.”

Sublime beach days in Florida

On Sunday, February 21 Adam Busby shared a photo of the kids playing on the beach. Actually, he noted that they didn’t even stop and remove their Pjs. He added, “Burying your feet in the sand… I’ll take it.” He also wrote, “this is one thing that the girls can literally do from sun up to wind down.” Well, why not enjoy the sublime beaches of Florida at any opportunity? The Busby kids play outside in the sun, a very healthy option during the pandemic.  And at least, it’s much better than days of freezing cold at home.

One OutDaughered fan commented saying, “Welcome to my backyard! Born and raised in South Fla and glad you are enjoying it too.” Right now that probably makes a lot of TLC fans wish they could relocate south. Another fan described living near the beach as wonderful for the kids. They wrote, “I raised my daughters in a beach town and the beach was their playground. It was the best!! Sun, water, sand and it wore them out.👍🏖🌞It remains our happy place.❤️.”  Clearly, it’s also a happy place for the Busby kids.

Busby Kids Enjoy Sublime Beach Day In Florida
Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram

Did you ever enjoy visiting a sublime beach, digging your feet in the sand, and just enjoying the warmth in winter? Sound off in the comments below.

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