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Megan Fox Denies Post Claiming She Doesn’t Wear Masks Was Hers

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Megan Fox doesn’t use social media all that often. That’s one of the reasons her fans are surprised to see a recent post trending around the Internet.

That post was supposedly Fox talking about why she doesn’t wear masks. In the middle of a pandemic, when a campaign to get everyone wearing masks is ongoing, shocked some.

The post reads in part, that she appreciates people being worried about her not wearing masks in public. However, she trusts “the universe” to keep herself from the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, the post went on to say that any fans she met were “okay” and didn’t get the disease. Especially considering she was talking about meeting people without a mask on, her fans grew concerned about the comments.

Of course, the first clue that the post might not have been real came from the fact that they couldn’t find her post when they went to look for it.

It turns out that apparently someone photoshopped the post. They used a post from a few years ago, according to someone who appeared to have sleuthed it out.

Megan Fox Decries The Internet

The actress took to her real Instagram account to make it clear the post about wearing masks wasn’t her.

“I’ve never made any statement wearing masks,” Fox wrote. “Scary that you can go viral and possibly be socially crucified for something you haven’t done. The internet is so fun.”

The last part of the post appeared to be quite sarcastic.

Interestingly enough, the post that was doctored specifically called out things exactly like this incident. It ended with Fox calling out those who bully on the Internet. “How can we expect to receive blessings in our lives when we are the authors of others suffering? Stop slandering. Stop bullying.”

The person who faked the mask post likely picked that one for a reason. The trolling was intentional, so it seems likely the one they used was intentional as well.

It’s not entirely clear why Fox was singled out for this kind of campaign. She isn’t someone who posts all that often on any social media website. She’s also not someone who campaigns a great deal for any topic. As she pointed out, she’s not someone who has talked much about masks.

Masks Are Still A Political Hot Potato

One of the reasons the fake post went viral is because wearing a mask is still something that drives a lot of dialogue. There are people on both sides of the issue who are quite vehement about their cause.

The polarization is likely also one of the reasons Fox has stayed out of the middle of it. Unfortunately for her, the actor was dragged into it against her will, by a lie.

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