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Matt Roloff Reveals His Cabin In The Woods (Pictures)

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Matt Roloff started getting in the logs for his cabin in the woods in September last year. While the focus by Little People Big World fans centered around his home with Caryn, fans never forgot the cabin that he planned. At the time, he said the cabin gave a little wilderness experience where he intended overnighting with the grandkids. Alternatively, it might play a part in the annual Pumpkin Season Festival. Now he revealed that it nears completion.

Matt Roloff shared a video of his magical woodland cabin

Little People, Big World fans know that Matt Roloff simply adores his grandkids. He often shares photos of Jackson, Lilah, Bode, and Ember. In fact, Caryn also gets on well with the little ones, though she’s careful not to replace Amy as their official grandma. Sometimes, Zach and Tori or Audrey and Jeremy head out on little mini-vacations. So, what better for the kids than to stay over what Matt and Caryn? It looks like soon, the longed-for sleepouts in the cozy cabin in the woods start taking place.

On September 4 last year, Matt Roloff posted up on Facebook about building his cabin. He boasted, “How to build a rustic log cabin for your grandchildren in under 3 days… use the right equipment.” Well, it looks like three days stretched to 3 months and beyond. And, some people stopped believing he still continues with the project. The Sun reported about it in September as well. They noted that a Little people, Big World fan asked, “Where is the [log] cabin going? Is it for pumpkin season or the grandkids?” So Matt replied saying, “Both. :))”

Wood cabin a reality on Roloff Farms

On February 20, Matt shared a video on his Instagram which blew skeptics out the water. The clip revealed him driving his mule through the fields and into the woods. There, he panned around and the little cabin appeared. Fans of LPBW think it looks so good. Matt Roloff wrote, “for those who don’t believe my cabin project is real…wait for it… His hashtags told a whole lot as well. The TLC star used, “a #grandpascabin, #itsathing, and  #can’twaittosleepovernightwiththegrandkids.”

The LPBW patriarch also noted, “First time showing it off… a much more detailed look yet to come.” Fans of Matt Roloff really enjoyed the look of the place. Some of them asked him to please reveal the inside once it’s ready for occupation. One of his fans said, “So Beautiful, Everything in your Farm is so Beautiful. 🙋‍♀️ 💕.” And another one commented: “Oh my gosh I could live there and be happy 😊 hi Lucy great job Matt you are so good at what you do…🏚❣”

Matt Roloff Reveals His Cabin In The Woods
Credit: Matt Roloff | Instagram

No doubt, in the near future, fans of Matt Roloff see some nice videos and photos of the grandkids enjoying sleepovers in his new little wood cabin set among the trees.

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