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Jamie Otis Opens Up About Family Custody Issues

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Jamie Otis who starred in Married at First Sight and The Bachelor recently opened up about family custody issues. It came after a wonderful gesture from her sister. In fact, the Lifetime star felt so emotional that she told her fans she literally “ugly cried.” So, what prompted her emotional outburst and the candid reveal about custody issues in her past? Read on to find out all about it.

Jamie Otis experienced a dysfunctional family upbringing in her younger days

Bachelor and Married at First Sight fans know a bit about Jamie’s background. Recall, she experienced a very difficult childhood. Her mother battled drug addiction and found solace for her insecurities by partying hard. With little in the way of any support group, things spiraled downhill. So Jamie ended up “on welfare in trailer parks,” we reported. Jamie Oti told her fans on Instagram, “People thought I’d ‘amount to nothing’ but I proved ‘em all wrong.” And yes, fans see her raise a lovely family.

InTouch Weekly reminds fans that Jamie Otis and her husband Doug raise their kids after a struggle with miscarriages. Clearly, they enjoy a loving family environment. Certainly, the kids look healthy, loved, and secure. So that’s a nice indication that breaking the cycle works, fans agree. But what made her so emotional that she sobbed over something her sister did? Well, we can tell you that nothing bad happened. She actually sobbed with joy. Her news came via Instagram on February 19.

Emotionally, the Bachelor alum talks about family custody issues

In her very long post, Jamie spoke about her life with her mom and the old trailer park days. But she elaborated about her three siblings. She said that she always thought her sister Amy didn’t like her very much. Firstly, as teens, they were three-years apart, so Jamie Otis didn’t really hang with her that much. But when she was 19, her mom sent her siblings over with a note. Evicted from their own trailer home, it looked like a temporary stay for Jamie’s siblings. However, her mom never collected them. So, Jamie became a big sister/ mom.

At one stage, Jamie Otis took over custody of Amy. Eventually, they grew an “unbreakable” bond. But it seems that Jamie was no “pushover.” She forced her sister to work hard, not smoke, do her homework, and stick with commitments at school. So, the MAFS star wrote, “I know they were annoyed of me for sure. Like, who did I think I was?! I was just their sister, not their mother.” Nevertheless, she kept at it, “making sure they had rules, graduated school, and most importantly: felt loved.⁣”

The joyful reveal that made Jamie Otis cry

The happy news emerged that Amy named her brand new son after Jamie. “I was literally speechless,” she said. Adding, “And not gonna lie, I teared up …A LOT…. ok, I ugly cried.” When she heard that Amy name her son “Jayme,” she said, “I’ve never felt more honored!😭🙏🏼⁣”

Jamie Otis Opens Up About Family Custody Issues
Credit: Jamie Otis | Instagram

So now, Jamie Otis feels she probably did “something right & didn’t scar her too badly” when she dealt with family custody issues.

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