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‘Unexpected’: Liliana, Myrka’s Mom’s Arrest Record

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Unexpected Liliana found a hostile reception from Myrka Cantu fans of the TLC show. Well, now her arrest record emerged, probably, that hostility increases. Fans hated that she threw Myrka out of the house when she fell pregnant. She ended up moving in with her boyfriend Aden’s family. And that anger increased because Liliana never softened her attitude despite claiming she’s a big Christian. In fact, Myrka mentioned that she and her mom still clash even though she loves her.

Unexpected – Liliana, Myrka’s mom arrested

We reported that Liliana gave her pregnant daughter Myrka no support. She yelled at Myrka and told her she should consider an abortion. Well, fans thought that seemed very unfair. After all, Myrka devoted a lot of time to her little brother and practically raised him for her mom. But when she needed help, her mom just got all self-righteous and kicked her out. And, that didn’t sound very Christian, fans thought. Those critics might not be all that surprised to discover that Liliana actually has an arrest record, according to Starcasm.

Unexpected Liliana was “arrested less than a decade ago for her alleged involvement in multiple scandals while she was a court clerk in Texas,” the outlet noted. Asa Hawks found most of her information on the arrests via rrunrrun.blogspot.com. In November 2013, the website noted that an investigation resulted in the arrest of Myrka’s mom. At the time, she’d just resigned from her job as a court clerk. She disappeared for a while, but later ended up detained.

What were the allegations against Liliana Cantu?

EL RRUN RRUN noted that sources spoke about some of the details. It emerged that allegedly, instead of serving community service hours, she became involved in a scheme whereby the offenders could offer a cash payment. With her bond set at $10,000, someone organized payment and she left a few hours later. But the following year, she ended up arrested again. This time in connection with alleged bribery. Valley Central reported that ” Cameron County grand jury handed down two indictments against Cantu.”

Unexpected Liliana Cantu ended up charged with “three counts of tampering with a government record and one count of bribery.” However, the case of bribery was dismissed through some technicality. EL RRUN RUNN wrote a follow-up and noted that Myrka’s mom pleaded “guilty” in the government document tampering charges. She completed probation and it looks like the bribery charge never came to anything. It’s not clear what happened with the other people involved in the scheme.

Unexpected Liliana Myrka Mom Arrest Record
Credit: TLC | Instagram

Unexpected star Myrka Cantu would have still been a young girl at the time her mom’s arrest took place. What do you think of this arrest record information about Liliana? Sound off in the comments below.


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