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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Shares Self-Evaluation Benefits

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Sister Wives Meri Brown shows remarkable resilience with Kody apparently not loving her these days. The past two seasons revealed that he clearly doesn’t love her much. But she sticks with the TLC family anyway. And, it becomes obvious that she loves him. On February 19, she explained how she uses self-evaluation to help her. One can’t help feeling that somehow Meri feels like she failed. Nevertheless, she often shares her own motivational quotes with her fans. And it seems like it really works for her when she mediates on those quotes.

Sister Wives Meri Brown uses self-evaluation to cope with her lifestyle

We reported earlier this month that fans of Meri thought she finally broke away from the family and the reality TV show. It came when she talked about finding “freedom.” But rather, it seems that she found the freedom of letting go of fear or insecurities. The family seems so important to Sister Wives Meri that she just won’t walk away from Kody Brown despite his attitude. Recall, in the last season of the TLC show,  he said he doesn’t love her. And in fact, made out how he felt “conned” into marrying her.

In Season 15 of Sister Wives, Meri Brown seems no closer to Kody loving her. In fact, fans saw her turn towards Kody and talk about how she could “kiss” him. But he gave a funny look as if he chuckled at the idea. Is it just that his ego still can’t get over the 2015 catfishing incident? Actually, it seems things deteriorated even further now. Meri said that pretty much they have a “business relationship.” With intimacy lacking, and the cold shoulder, she weeps about how hard it all is. But now she revealed that she uses self-evaluation and it helps her cope much better.

Celebrating the small wins

Kody Brown might not love Meri, but that doesn’t mean the Sister Wives star wallows in self-pity 24/7. One thing that emerges is that Meri somehow discovered she can still be a whole person without Kody overshadowing her. InTouch Weekly reported that she posted about it on her Instagram. They noted that she celebrates “her ‘little wins” in life, but only after taking time to reflect on her needs amid her TV drama with husband Kody Brown.” Over on her post, the Sister Wives star explained how it all works for her.

She said that she “looked inward” during the experiences of “last year.” Instead of figuring out everyone else, she worked on herself. So, she worked on that with” introspection and self-evaluation.” Podcasts help her a lot and she started “meditation.” Sister Wives Meri Brown finds it hard slowing down and “meditating,” but it helps her. On February 19, she felt inspired about celebrating her wins, no matter how small. She mentioned, “Life is about the little wins, the small things on the daily. The consistent small steps. The picking yourself up when you fall.”

Sister Wives Meri Brown Explains Self-Evaluation Benefits
Credit: Meri Brown | Instagram

These days, instead of falling down the rabbit hole when she feels upset, she takes time alone and reflects. Even the smallest positive win, she counts as a blessing. So, Meri Brown urged her Sister Wives followers to “celebrate” their wins. Finally, she reminded people, “just celebrate the amazing person you are and the amazing things you do.”

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