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‘MAFS’ Paige Admits True Thoughts Of Intimacy With Chris

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Married at First Sight Star, Paige Banks, receives a weekly influx of sympathy from viewers. Her marriage to Chris Williams has not seen better days. MAFS Paige admits she would have never slept with Chris had she known he wasn’t attracted to her when they first met. “I feel very disturbed. I would never give myself to someone who I know doesn’t desire me.” Paige reveals to Married at First Sight: Unfiltered host, Jamie Otis. “So it’s a lot to process, and I’m not feeling good about this situation whatsoever.”

Credit: Youtube
Credit: Youtube

The red flags were at the wedding reception

At the wedding reception, Chris tells the production team and Paige’s bridesmaids that Paige was “the opposite” of the women he’s dated. She is also not the type of woman he’s “used to”.  He says he wasn’t very attracted to her and that Paige was “not a trophy wife.” Paige later saw a video of Chris saying the hurtful things to her friends. Prior to being shown the video, Paige did not know about what Chris had said. Viewers believe her friends didn’t tell her in order to protect her feelings.

Regardless of his feelings, Chris still gets intimate with Paige. They still “do it” on their wedding night. And they do it again the next morning. Chris tells Paige to her face that he is not attracted to her. “I don’t think that attraction is fully there yet for me, to be perfectly honest,” The disappointment and shock is clear as day on her face. As she laments in an interview, “I’ve never been with a man who wants to have s*x multiple times that didn’t desire me or didn’t find me attractive.”

MAFS – Paige wishes she would have had transparency early on

If Chris would have been transparent on their wedding night about his attraction to her things would have gone differently. Paige says, “Yeah, it would’ve been a totally different night, you know what I’m saying? I feel like it probably would’ve been better for the both of us [not to sleep together] to see if we could be friends and see where things gradually go from there.”

However, Paige says that Chris said all the right things that allowed her to be emotionally and physically vulnerable with him. “He was like, ‘You’re my wife, I want to honor you. I want to respect you and I really want to get to know you.'” Chris may have charmed his way into intimacy with Paige. But will he be able to charm himself out of the current drama he is bringing into their married life?  There is only so much a woman can take.

Watch Paige and Chris work through their marital woes on Lifetime. Married at First Sight premieres every Wednesday at 8 p.m EST.

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