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‘Bachelorette’ Trista Sutter Unhappy With Cancel Culture

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Bachelorette Trista Sutter recently talked about the ABC producers but now she seems very unhappy with the “cancel culture.” She disagrees with the way the producers sometimes edit scenes and make people villains. But that doesn’t mean she blindly accepts all the shaming going on about Chris Harrison right now. Actually, she sounds quite balanced in her reasoning and also feels disappointed with the way Chris spoke to Rachel Lindsay.

Bachelorette Trista Sutter speaks about the cancel culture

Trista’s an old hand when it comes to the franchise. Recall, she starred as the first Bachelorette. Everything worked out fine for her and she seems happily married to Ryan Sutter. So, she reached out to Katie Thurston who might be in the running as the next lead in the show. She warned her that she should expect some editing. And the only way around that is to step back and think before acting or talking. After all, it might come back through the editing and cause embarrassment.

Bachelorette Trista Sutter also thinks now, that Chris Harrison should have taken better care when he talked with Rachel Lindsay. Just because she feels unhappy with cancel culture, that doesn’t mean she condones the way Chris acted. And it also doesn’t make her a racist. In fact, she roundly condemns racism and felt bad for Rachel Lindsay during the interview that cost Harrison his job as host. What really gets her goat is the way people slam each other for not speaking up enough, or fast enough.

Cancel culture shaming goes too far?

Trista certainly seems to think that all the shaming with cancel culture goes way too far, The Sun UK reported. “She weighed in on the Rachael Kirkconnell [Chris Harrison] controversy on Tuesday.” She said, “I don’t agree with the concept of the cancel culture.” And, she recalled that it’s wrong to “label” people and “cancel” them. Rather, she prefers accountability.

Bachelorette Trista Sutter feels unhappy with those people in Bachelor Nation who shame others. Even though it’s nothing to do with them, people now label those who stay out of it. She feels that it’s wrong that people face the wrath of cancel culture because “they haven’t spoken up.” Next, Trista said, “to shame people who aren’t directly involved for not using their platform in the timeframe you expect because this topic is important to you is not okay with me.”

Bachelorette Trista Sutter Unhappy With Cancel Culture
Credit: Trista Sutter | Instagram

We reported that trolls called Sean Lowe “a coward, racist,” and more. In fact, that criticism arose from the cancel culture that Bachelorette Trista Sutter talked about. Actually, away on vacation, he never even knew what happened with Chris Harrison until he checked his phone one day.

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