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Rachel Walters Lashes Out At Kathy Griffin

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Rachel Walters and Jon accumulated a lot of 90 Day Fiance haters and one of those was Kathy Griffin. Her Twitter profile describes the comedian as the “Mayor of Zero F**Ksville.” Well, her humor sometimes leaves a bad taste in the mouth of critics. And certainly, fans thought nothing vaguely funny emerged in her 2018 comments on Jon. Over the years, more TLC fans warmed to Rachel and Jon as they fight so diligently for their chance to live together as man and wife. So, when Rachel lashed back at Kathy, a lot of fans stood by her.

Rachel Walters revisits old tweet by Kathy Griffin

In 2019, we reported that Jon and Rachel really struggled with his via for the USA. Bear in mind, as a college student, he ended up with a criminal conviction. But, they try various avenues and saved a lot of money for lawyers fees. Things creep along incredibly slowly. But they keep on with their reunifying mission. Of course, 2020 probably also brought more obstacles with the coronavirus. But fans stand by them and encourage their relentless efforts.  Even though many people thought Jon grouchy and bad-tempered, that perception changed over time.

In fact, these days TLC fans appreciate Rachel Walters’ husband for being straight up as he never minces his words. However, it seems that early on in their journey on 90 Day Fiance, Kathy Griffin made a snap judgment. And, she tweeted something rather ugly some people, think. Belatedly, Rachel addressed the tweets that Kathy put out. And clearly, she felt a bit awkward about it.

Kathy Griffin comments – Rachel reacts

Rachel shared two screenshots. In the first post, Kathy wrote, “I have so much to say – don’t get me started with these two.” Well, Rachel talked about that in her post dated February 15. She said, “I don’t know whether to feel mad or weirdly happy that @kathygriffin posted about me and my husband back in 2018.” Nevertheless, she felt it rather odd that Kathy “disliked [them] immediately.” Not only that, but Kathy actually “posted about it.”

The tweets by Kathy Griffin seemed particularly nasty fans thought. One of them read, “Ok, let’s be real John is going to shake Rachel’s baby to death, isn’t he? (sic).” And in a second tweet, she talked about “John’s (sic) sister and a “faux relationship.” Rachel Walters countered by asking, “can we talk about the fact that you ‘joked’ about someone shaking my baby to death?” Plus, she said, “here we are, still fighting to be together 2 1/2 years later. And I’m not sure where you got your information, but, for the record, our “faux” relationship isn’t “faux” at all.”

Jon and Rachel in lofty company

Rachel sounds a bit upset. But TMZ reported in 2017, that Kathy’s not-so-funny humor shocked Barron Trump when she posed with a dripping head of then-President Trump. Aged just 11 at the time, the outlet reported, “Melania called out Kathy, saying what she did was disturbing, wrong and ‘makes you wonder about [her] mental health.” Actually, a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans think Rachel should ignore Kathy Griffin and not make her “relevant.”

One of them told Rachel Walters, “I’ve never understood why anyone thought Jon was/is violent. I typically like Kathy but this is bitter and ignorant of her.”

And another TLC fan wrote, “that is cringey as hell. Get outta here 🙄🙄 I love y’all together. One of my favorite couples without a doubt.”

Plenty more fans told Rachel to just ignore Kathy.

Rachel Walters Lashes Out At Kathy Griffin
Credit: Rachel Walters | Instagram

What are your thoughts about Kathy Griffin and Rachel Walters lashing back at her? Do you agree that she and Jon should just ignore it? Sound off in the comments below.

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