Temptation Island Lauryn Stewart Fitness

‘Temptation Island’: Lauryn Stewart Credits Fitness For Outlook Change

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Temptation Island Season 3 is about to start and viewers are about to meet Lauryn Stewart, among others. Stewart is one of the “singles” who will join the show.

She’s looking for love and could serve as a reason why one of the four couples on the show eventually break up. Of course, she’s likely not going into the season looking to break up a relationship.

If her most recent social media posts are to go off of, she’s just excited to show a larger audience her dedication to working out. In one recent Instagram post, Lauryn told the tale about how much her life has changed.

The upcoming Temptation Island star posted a set of “before and after” photos. Alongside the photos, she included a caption saying how much happier she is now than she used to be.

“Three years ago to now. I’ve gone from trying to act okay, and act happy when I was out in public, to actually BEING happy in my day to day life,” Lauryn wrote. “Whether in public, in private, at work or at home.. I’m grateful and ACTUALLY happy in the present.”

She included a bit of a mantra later on in the caption, talking about controlling your own destiny.

“You are the captain of your ship,” Lauryn added. “Don’t sit around and wait for life to happen for you. Grab the wheel and steer it where you want to go.”

Temptation Island Lauryn Stewart Fitness
Credit: Lauryn Stewart/Instagram

‘Temptation Island’ Star Looks Tempting

The side by side photos show Lauryn from three years ago wearing a t-shirt and pants and posing with a smile next to her friend. On the right, the reality star included a photo from “now” that shoes more muscle tone in and a bit of her tummy.

The picture is hardly the first one to highlight how much she’s dedicated to working out. Another then and now photo shows her in front of the bathroom mirror, clearly not particularly happy about her body from several years ago. The photo next to that one is also from “now” and shows a smiling Lauryn apparently quite a bit happier about her body.

Fans Love The New Look

While Lauryn is a relative newcomer to reality television, the Temptation Island star already has more than 12,000 followers on Instagram. Several made it clear they were excited and happy for her and her transformation.

“You’re just so adorable and so happy you’re happy,” one follower wrote.

“I started following you cause I saw your egg donation process video,” another user wrote. “You’re so pretty!”

Lauryn was careful to make sure that she responded to every comment on her page. That alone had quite a few of her fans and followers fired up. These days, social media stars tend to only respond to their good friends. Lauryn was hailed as a breath of fresh air by some of her followers because of her interactions.

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