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Tayshia Adams Shares Why She’s ‘Hurt’ By Chris Harrison

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Tayshia Adams mentioned that when she heard about Chris Harrison’s interview with Rachel Lindsay she felt disappointed. Not only with Chris but with people who supported him. If you aren’t in touch with Bachelor Nation, you might not know that the interview discussed controversial contestant Rachael Kirkconnell. But Tayshia went to town with her deeper feelings on the weekend and talked about how she feels terribly hurt.

Tayshia Adams hurt by comments Chris Harrison made

As fans know, Rachael Kirkconnell’s a front-runner on Matt James season of The Bachelor. A lot of allegations emerged that she previously engaged in racist behavior. Many fans felt that Chris Harrison defended slavery when he felt that attending an Old South Ball wasn’t a big deal. He said to Rachel Lindsay that it happened back in 2o18, and the “woke” culture wasn’t really a big thing back then. But a lot of other allegations emerged and one old classmate said that Racheal mocked her for dating a black man.

Well, Matt James came out very much in favor of Rachel for fighting racial inequality in the Bachelor Nation franchise. He didn’t seem impressed with Chris Harrison at all. Chris Harrison stepped away from the show, so it’s unlikely fans of The Bachelor ever see him host the rose ceremonies again. But it still rankles. And Tayshia Adams enlarged on her feelings on Friday. It all came out on Instagram. She feels betrayed and “hurt” by Chris Harrison.

Full statement by Bachelorette Tayshia

ET Online reported that Tayshia took to her Instagram Stories and expressed her deep emotions about Chris Harrison. Bear in mind that, Tayshia’s the lead in The Bachelorette and the first biracial one at that. In her story, she said, “I am really hurt and disappointed and confused at the ignorance when it comes to race.” She seemed perplexed that Chris Harrison could defend Rachael Kirkconnell. After all, “the photo that she was in, is racist. The party she attended, racist. Her actions have been racist.”

Next, she spoke about Chris Harrison. Tayshia Adams added, “When there are blatant forms of racist acts, you cannot be defensive of it. It speaks volumes and I just have to say that I am really hurt by this response.” Later, she went on the  Click Bait podcast and spoke about it some more. There, she said that “all everyone was looking for was a little bit of accountability” And she seemed confused as it seemed that people exhibited “no sense [that] ‘What [Rachael] did was wrong.”

Tayshia Adams Explains How Hurt She feels By Chris Harrison
Credit: Tayshia Adams | Instagram

Meanwhile, Rachel Lindsay said that before Chris made his public apology he reached out to her. But she felt that he seemed insincere. Right now, it seems that Tayshia Adams also went off the Mr. Nice Guy that fans of The Bachelor franchise saw in Chris Harrison.

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