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‘Sister Wives’: When Will The Show End According to Kody?

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Sister Wives runs into 10 years of seasons on TLC. While many critics slam the show, it seems one of the network’s top money-spinners to this day. Certainly, social media went crazy during the premiere on February 14. As the wives turn to live-tweeting during the episodes, it makes fans engage even more with this rather controversial show. So, will TLC renew it? When will the polygamy show come to an end?

Sister Wives premieres, when will it end?

On social media, some fans really hate Kody Brown. But he seems undisturbed by their feelings. In the premiere, fans saw that the family seems fractured in Flagstaff. So, when Janelle called a meeting, everyone seemed a bit nervous. Janelle Brown might be easy-going and prefer a quiet lifestyle. But the family listens when she speaks up. She addressed the fact that their family seemingly breaks apart. Discussing their “Principle,” each of the wives talked about their concept of polygamous marriage.

Interestingly, Janelle seems all for it. Robyn feels it makes the family “dysfunctional,” and Meri seems sunk in her own misery as usual. In the meantime, Christine surprisingly likes the idea of a big family. But Kody Brown seemed less than pleased with the way things work out. In fact, of all of them, he seems the most fed up in Sister Wives. Actually, he said that he no longer wants to “advocate for plural marriage anymore.” So, where does that leave the show in terms of more seasons? Does that mean it ends soon?

Kody Brown hints at when the TLC show ends

Kody Brown chatted with Entertainment Tonight. He covered a lot of questions about the show. But, in the video below, he talked about when the show might end. Despite his feelings about not advocating the lifestyle anymore, clearly, he knows where his bread’s buttered. He talked about the American public and their demand for more seasons. Actually, if you break it down, he wants to stay with it as long as the ratings stay high. And that already brought criticism before. You can see it at 6:45 minutes into the interview. Kody Brown isn’t going anywhere.

Sister Wives fans sometimes slam Kody Brown and allege that he puts his wives through hell just for an income from TLC. Well, we discussed Kody Brown’s net worth. Apart from the TLC show, “it’s not clear what Kody contributes to the family coffers, if anything.” In the comments under the YouTube interview, some fans felt that the show should end. One of them said, “Such a stupid show. The advertising is for serious drama, but he is already letting the show down. It will be a waste of time to watch.”

Clearly, Kody stays with it as long as he can milk the polygamy cow. So, as long as the ratings continue, TLC no doubt renews it for more seasons. And that’s despite the fact that many fans feel the show actually represents why people should never enter the lifestyle.

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