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‘Seeking Sister Wife’: See Ashley Snowden’s Bittersweet Valentine’s Day

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Seeking Sister Wife star Ashley Snowden took to Instagram on Valentine’s day and it’s a bittersweet celebration for her. The TLC show returns for a new season and premieres on February 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. While fans don’t know if Ashley and Dimitri return, they certainly hope so. And many people still follow the couple on social media. So, many of them reacted to Ashley’s latest Instagram post.

Seeking Sister Wife – Ashley Snowden’s mixed feeling about Valentine’s Day

We reported that TLC mentioned that two couples return to the show from Season 2. Well, nobody yet knows which two. We can rule out Paige and Bernie McGee as unfortunately, Bernie passed away. But from the perspective of fans, Ashley and Dimitri seem like a strong possibility. Recall, the last time we saw them, they actually held a wedding ceremony and Vanessa became part of the family. But Vanessa Cobbs revealed at the Tell-All that it never worked out and she left them.

So, maybe they look for a replacement in Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife. Ashley Snowden never hinted at it, to be honest, but fans can only hope. But she took to Instagram on Valentine’s Day and revealed how it’s a different sort of celebration for her. On Valentines Day in 2014, her brother Blake ended up “taken off life support.” Terribly upset at the news, she explained that she felt “defeated.” Pregnant at the time as “Dimitri traveled overseas for work,” she felt sad and alone and angry. But then, her brother spoke to her “loud and clear.”

Ashley felt anger over her brother’s death

While Ashley didn’t elaborate on what ailed her brother, she let fans know that he faced death. She said, “from an early age [I knew] that I would have to face this moment.” And she felt so angry. She studied herbalism and always believed something might cure him. But Blake told her from the spirit world, “Ashley, it’s okay, sis. Let me go.” TLC fans know that Ashley’s very spiritual. So, nobody seemed surprised about her brother talking to her after his death.

Ashley Snowden told her Seeking Sister Wife followers “that would be my first time hearing Spirits give me instructions (but not my last).” She also said that his death unlocked “gifts” for her. So, this Valentine’s Day, Ashley said that she no longer “fears death.” She adds that’s she knows people are actually “deathless.” And in a bitter-sweet way, she remembers the day Blake died as it “confirmed so much on [her] personal, spiritual journey.”

Seeking Sister Wife Ashley Snowden Bitter-Sweet Valentines
Credit: Ashley Snowden | Instagram

Additionally, Ashley’s brother was an organ donor. She and Dimitri know the person who received his heart. So, she wrote, “That changed the way we celebrate not only [Valentine’s] day but life as we know it.”

What are your thoughts about why Ashley Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife feels a bittersweet element on Valentine’s Day? Sound off in the comments below.

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