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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Claire Brady Lures Charlie Dale Into A Trap

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Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Claire Brady (Isabel Durant) sets a trap for her “boyfriend” Charlie Dale (Mike Manning). Charlie is desperate to keep Claire in his life. However, Claire knows she needs to stay away from him, especially now that she knows what he did to her cousin Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold). Now Claire realizes she’s the best person to get the goods needed to bring Charlie to justice on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Claire Brady Gets Bad News From Belle Black

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Claire Brady is steaming mad when her mother, Belle Black (Martha Madison), tells her Charlie Dale won’t be prosecuted. Of course, Claire’s not surprised Charlie didn’t face charges for raping Allie in London. After all, Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) also didn’t as it’s out of Salem PD’s jurisdiction. Plus, the London authorities said they didn’t have a strong case.

Days of Our Lives spoilers hinted Claire expected  Charlie to be charged and convicted for kidnapping, drugging, and holding his mother Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) hostage. Rafe himself found Ava bound and gagged in Charlie’s apartment. So clearly, Charlie’s lawyer made a good case against his mother’s mental stability. But how did they manage to discredit the Commissioner of Police?

Belle Black (Martha Madison) - Claire Brady (Isabel Durant) / NBC
Belle Black (Martha Madison) – Claire Brady (Isabel Durant) / NBC

DOOL Spoilers: Claire Brady Tricks Charlie Dale

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest Claire Brady takes matters into her own hands. After ducking all Charlie’s attempts to talk to her and meet up, she finally agrees. She’s determined to do what it takes to make sure Charlie gets punished for all he’s done to Allie and his mother.

Claire Brady had to pick up a trick or two with so many police officers and detectives in her family. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease Claire lures an unsuspecting Charlie with the hopes of them getting back together. However, romance is the furthest thing on Claire’s mind. She’s determined to get a taped confession from Charlie admitting to Allie’s rape and Ava’s kidnapping.

Charlie Dale (Mike Manning) / NBC
Charlie Dale (Mike Manning) / NBC

Days of Our Lives: Unhinged Charlie Rips Into Claire

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Charlie Dale is not pleased with the little trick Claire Brady tried. In fact, for the first time since they met, Claire sees the sinister side of the man she thought she loved.

Once Charlie realizes Claire was working against him, he turns violent. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease Claire doesn’t just take the verbal lashing. She also gets in a few choice heated words.

Sadly this confrontation could also come back to haunt the blue-eyed blonde. Days of Our Lives spoilers remind Charlie is the likely victim of a murder. That murder kicks off a long Who DunnIt mystery. So now, with Claire Brady witnessed arguing with Charlie Dale, she now could find herself on the lengthy list of suspects on the NBC soap.

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