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Black ‘Bachelor’ Cast Members Discuss Chris Harrison’s Future

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Black Bachelor cast members in the past included more than one person and some of them discussed Chris Harrison’s future with the ABC franchise. Notably, the focus lies on Tayshia Adams, Rachel Lindsay, and Matt James. Mainly because they ended up cast as leads. But other people of color also participated. However not as main leads. Chris Harrison stepped down from the show for the time being. But should he be allowed back? Let’s find out what Black cast members think.

Black Bachelor cast members weigh in after Chris Harrison racism scandal

We reported that Chris Harrison apologized to the franchise and the world after he seemingly dismissed racist allegations against Rachael Kirkconnell. It came after some fans set up a petition to remove him from the show. While other ABC fans set up a counter-petition, it came a bit too late for Chris. News arrived that he said, he’s “stepping aside for a period of time” from The Bachelor franchise.

For a long time now, led by Rachel Lindsay, calls came for the Bachelor franchise to be more inclusive. And not just the leads, but throughout the production teams as well. She hoped that her time in the franchise would result in more Black people being included. And certainly, that started happening. But people think Chris Harrison never really understood the concept of those changes. So, some Black Bachelor cast members weighed in on whether he should come back for a second chance or not.

Chris Harrison in or out?

TMZ spoke with Marshana Ritchie and Leslie Hughes and they both think Chris Harrison should return. But only after “a lot of education on Black history” and “sensitivity training.” Meanwhile,  Marquel Martin and Robyn Jedkins think Chris might return and people might forgive him. However, they also feel that requires him to make a huge effort at understanding “the Black perspective before speaking on these issues again.”

Black Bachelor cast member Mike Johnson feels that Chris Harrison might “genuinely” attempt a connection with “Black viewers.” But only if he spends time working in “the Black community” first. After all, many people view the whole show as “slewed toward a white audience.” So far, the alums seem reasonable and ready for some forgiveness under certain conditions. But others disagreed.

DeMario Jackson and Jubilee Sharpe want Harrison out

The feelings from Demario and Jubille seems that the Bachelor franchise needs a massive readjustment. They prefer “a new host and a new environment within the franchise.” And no more “pandering.” They see a more black-focused franchise from the “top down.” They also feel the franchise should definitely make the Black fanbase feel they are catered to.

Black Bachelor Cast Discuss Chris Harrisons Future
Credit: Bachelor Nation ABC | Instagram

It’s not clear how big the fanbase might grow if more people of color tune in and watch a revamped show. So, for now, all the issues seem up in the air. It remains to be seen what ABC decides with Chris Harrison.

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