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Angela Deem Remodeled – How Much Weight Has She Lost?

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Angela Deem got some remodeling done and slimmed down. So fans wonder how much weight she lost. Each time she shares a post or goes live on her Instagram people congratulate her on her new appearance. Apart from the lines on her face from smoking too much, mostly Angela looks very different from what fans became accustomed to. Some of her changes came at a cost though.

Angela Deem remodeled her body with help of botox

We reported that Angela used botox and “other procedures” for her weight loss. And, you might recall that at one stage she revealed some reddish marks on her chest. That came when she filmed some TLC content with her husband Michael Isesanmi. But interest in her weight loss picked up considerably since early December. The 90 Day Fiance star took to Instagram and blew TLC fans out the water with her slim appearance.

Screenrant reported that fans suspected that Angela actually went for gastric surgery. It came after they saw Michael complain  that he like his women “big.” But the 90 Day Fiance star seemed determined that she’d make an effort to slim down. Clearly, whatever she did, Angela Deem shed a lot of weight. Now, fans hope she keeps it off and also adopts a healthier lifestyle.

How much weight did Angela lose?

On February 15, Angela went live and later she posted up the video. In it, she talked about family members and COVID-19. But she also shared other people wishing her a happy Valentine’s Day. One of those people included Tom Brooks who sent her virtual kisses and a bunch of flowers. Angela seemed mostly upbeat though, apart from shouting out all of those people who go out and work while the coronavirus pandemic remains. Many 90 Day Fiance fans appreciated that.

But in the comments, quite a lot of people asked Angela Deem how much weight she lost in total. She never answered that. So maybe fans see her weight loss journey on TLC in the future. However, some fans speculated about her. One of them said, “She’s getting body contouring next… looking good Ang. She’s lost 100- some pounds.” Well, that sounds very impressive.

Many fans can’t get over her appearance

Naturally, a lot of fans chipped in and wished Angela a wonderful Valentine’s Day. And plenty more congratulated her looks. One of them wrote, “Hey girl!!! I’m a fan. I love you so much!! I think you are so beautiful…. you have the most gorgeous eyes!!!”

Another 90-Day Fiance fan commented, “You’re doing such a wonderful job with your weight loss.. continued blessings for you.”

Angela Deem Remodeled How Much Weight Lost
Credit: Angela Deem | Instagram

Then this comment arrived for Angela Deem: “Hi Angela you look great! Can you share with me how you are loosing all the weight??? Please share Thank you 🙏 and be safe❤️, (sic).”

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