Temptation Island Crippled By Covid-19

Temptation Island Was ‘Crippled’ By COVID But Adapted

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Temptation Island is back on Tuesday night, February 16. In order to get back on the air, the reality television show had a long strange trip. Of course, anyone paying attention over the last year probably understands why the trip was so strange.

Host Mark L. Walberg and a new set of couples — Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland, Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk, Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen, Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson. are headed to Maui. Once there, they’ll be joined by 24 singles who are looking for love. As is usually the case, the four couples will have to decide whether or not to stay together, or hook up with one of the singles looking to steal away a mate.

Speaking to TV Insider, Walberg spoke about how hard it was to get to production for this upcoming season.

“We started taping at the end of September. There was delay after delay, so COVID was really crippling us,” he told the site.

He added that eventually, the showrunners were able to find some synergy. The Temptation Island producers took steps to avoid delays, as well as to avoid anyone on the cast getting sick.

“We were in a very strict bubble. What happened with our cast and crew was this cohesiveness that we would not have had being in separate hotels all over the island,” Walberg said. “As far as the cast goes, they are usually sequestered anyway. So it wasn’t any different in that regard.”

Safety After Quarantine?

Walberg also talked about what it was like to work through a quarantine. He said that once everyone got through the waiting period, everyone on the cast felt safer. Because they were then in a kind of “bubble” they knew the chances of anyone catching the coronavirus was very slim.

“We had 3,600 COVID tests and zero positives. From the cast standpoint, once they moved into the villas and started their life there, I think it was a relief,” Walberg added. “They were able to live as if there wasn’t a raging pandemic out there.”

‘Temptation Island’ Brings Normalcy

After everyone was settled in, it was time to simply get down to business. Walberg said that after everyone felt comfortable, the cast could act as though everything was normal. Because they were sequestered, the oddity of a pandemic never really intruded.

That’s good for the audience. It might be less of a positive for couples who are trying to stay together.

Temptation Island will see the four groups try and work out any relationship issues. The 24 singles will be looking to introduce some of those specific issues in an effort to snag someone new. Walberg, of course, isn’t giving any hints on what he thinks the outcomes will be.

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