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‘Sister Wives’: Meri and Kody Back In The Saddle Again?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown is opening up about his marriages to his four wives ahead of the Season 15 premiere of their family’s hit TLC reality show. Most fans have seen the marriage between his first wife, Meri Brown, practically disintegrate before their eyes the last few years.

However, Kody Browns shared a fascinating revelation about his relationship with his estranged wife Meri Brown that has fans and the Browns hopeful for their future.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Meri Brown Work Through Their Anger

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown spent the last few years angry at his first wife, Meri Brown. However, after nearly five years of work through counseling and prayer, the couple finally is in a good place. The pair had issues for years. Then Meri’s catfishing scandal nearly broke their decades-old union for good.

Sister Wives fans saw Meri still wanting to be a true wife to Kody Brown. However, his anger over her betrayal was something he couldn’t get past. The two more or less lived separate lives. Meri was still committed to her family but her alone time with Kody was nonexistent.  Now finally, as Season 15 sets to air, Kody admits he and Meri are no longer “mad” at each other.


SW: Kody Brown Admits How Long It’s Been Since He Spent The Night

Meri Brown is by far not Kody Brown’s favorite of his four Sister Wives. For years fans saw how poorly Meri was treated and begged her to leave Kody. However, both Kody Brown and Meri Brown believe in “The Principle,” so leaving her marriage to Kody isn’t an option. Meri chooses to work on ways to make their relationship less toxic and more amicable.

Kody Brown recently came clean about the status of his marriage to his Sister Wives wife, Meri. He says the two had lots of hard conversations this past year. Finally, they have worked through the anger. Sadly he also admits that he has not spent the night with Meri in four years. He says he doesn’t live with Meri and has not in close to five years.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Returns To Kody’s Bedroom Schedule In New Season?

Will Sister Wives, husband of four Kody Brown add Meri Brown back to his bedroom schedule this season? The answer is likely a no. Kody says in promo videos that kissing and intimacy are for couples in love. So although he and Meri are no longer mad at each other, they are far from a couple “in” love.

Of course, they do have love and respect for each other. However, that doesn’t translate to the bedroom and won’t for some time- –if ever.

The new Sister Wives season kicks off  Sunday, February 14, 2021, at 10 pm on TLC.

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