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‘Sister Wives’: Janelle & Meri Brown Talk About Not Getting Along

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Sister Wives‘ Janelle & Meri Brown went live during the premiere of the TLC show. And it emerged that Meri and Janelle never got along when Kody first brought in Janelle. Actually, they both felt the same way about each other. These days, they seem friendly enough, but fans seldom see them hanging out together. Of course, while the family denies jealousy, fans see it obviously exists.

Sister Wives Janelle & Meri Brown discuss live on Twitter

We reported that Janelle Brown promised TLC fans that this year, that she’d live-tweet during the show. True to her word, she popped up during the premiere. Even Robyn, who hardly ever posts on social media appeared. And so did Meri. Robyn complained about how hard it all is. She said, “Going public, the investigation, the move and all the crazy stuff that happened at the same time was so completely hard and confusing.” But more interesting things came from the other wives.

Sister Wives‘ Janelle & Meri Brown talked about how they didn’t get along. Meri brought it up first. And Janelle retweeted it with a reply. Meri wrote, “Janelle came in the family, and while we weren’t best of friends immediately, we both had the same goals and desires for the family.”

She also noted that they nevertheless “worked together toward that.”  However, “not without a couple hiccups along the way.” But these days, Meri says she learned to “love her and her devotion.”

Janelle responds to Meri not getting along with her

Clearly, the days when Janelle & Meri Brown didn’t get along are now in the past. Janelle seemingly loves Meri as well. In her reply, she said, “Back at you babe  😍.” Actually, Meri and Janelle seem like very different personalities. Meri seems rather highly strung and when she’s not crying she seems vivacious. Meanwhile, we noted that Janelle chatted with her TLC fans recently. And it emerged that she’s a stay-at-home body. She likes reading books and staying out of the limelight.

Sister Wives‘ Janelle & Meri Brown both took on the publicity of their polygamy show. They hope that people better understand their lifestyle. But it comes at a cost of a lack of privacy. Thankfully, they both get along these days. So, that probably makes everything a bit easier. Also, Robyn, who fans think is the only woman Kody really loves, looked supportive of Meri last season.

Christine Brown supportive of the other wives?

Christine remains a bit of an enigma. She’s the only one who ever admitted outright that jealousy’s a problem. And, you may remember that last year she seemed the most against the idea of sharing a home with the other wives. Sister Wives‘ Janelle & Meri Brown seemed rather more keen on the idea. At least, Janelle was. And Meri seemed to just go with the flow.

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