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Sean Lowe Extends ‘Grace’ To Chris Harrison

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Sean Lowe remained very quiet when the big drama involving Chris Harrison erupted. And apparently, he picked up some hateful comments for it. In fact, trolls called him “a coward,” a “racist,” and more. Now, he spoke out about it and said that he “extends grace” to Chris, the host of the Bachelor Franchise. Even so, many fans might hate that he accepts Chris made a mistake but apologized. The whole hoo-hah erupted when Rachel Lindsay and Chris chatted about racism and Rachael Kirkconnell.

Sean Lowe reacts late to Chris Harrison scandal

ABC fans became incensed as they felt that Chris condoned slavery. In fact, he felt that back when Rachael Kirkconnell attended an Old South Ball, the “woke” culture wasn’t that widely known. And, he called people who indulge in the cancel culture, the “woke” police. Well, shortly after that, he became a victim of the cancel culture himself. A petition went up for his removal. Then, a counter-petition emerged for the Bachelor franchise to keep him on.

Many people felt that as he apologized, he should be allowed to stay on. Especially as he promised to make “better” use of his platform in the future. But really, the writing was already on the wall. After all, fans know that Rachel Lindsay long campaigned for more equality in the show. And, it certainly didn’t pay Chris to cross swords with her. Feelings run so high that Season 17 Bachelor, Sean Lowe also got hateful DMs for not saying anything about the scandal. He reacted late, but he apparently knew nothing about it at the time.

Extending ‘grace’ to Chris is likely unpopular

As you probably heard already, Chris Harrison already stepped down for awhile as the host for Bachelor Nation. In a statement on Saturday, he said “I have no one to blame but myself for what I said and the way I spoke.” He also told fans he’d “step aside” and it looks like the end of the road for him on the famous dating show. Certainly, a lot of fans seem upset. But others crow over their victory. Nevertheless, no doubt the popular show goes on.

It seems that anyone who steps up in support of Chris gets dissed on social media. Or those who don’t protest enough. And clearly, Sean Lowe put himself on the line for that as well. He shared about it on his stories and a Reddit account shared it. Sean, as fans know, is a Christian. So, he accepted that Chris Harrison made an apology. He said he extends “grace” to him. He believes that’s what “God commands.” He notes that he doesn’t support racism. But in his faith, “the cross is where grace is given.” He also noted it’s where “hatred, racism” and other “evils” are “defeated.”

Sean Lowe response to Chris Harrison from thebachelor

Credit: Sean Lowe via Reddit

The Bachelor star also knows that people might not agree with him. But, he chooses to follow “Jesus” when it comes to the Chris Harrison scandal.

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