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Blayke Busby’s sports interests expand. She just ended her basketball season on a high note but she already takes up another sport. Between sport and dancing, the eldest daughter of Adam and Danielle Busby certainly keeps herself busy. Actually, she really enjoyed her first season of basketball and played for League City Sharks. Now she moved on and plays a new sport. It’s not clear if she ever played it before. Potentially, she did.

Blayke Busby sports – finishes basketball season on a high note

We reported that Blayke won her very first game soon after she started playing basketball. She and her cousin McKenzie Mills took it up together and did very well. In fact, she ended the season on a high note as well. Her team won the very last game. Well, the OutDaughtered family enjoyed watching her play. So, you might wonder what they watch now that the season ended. It turns out that Blayke ventured into another sports area  just days after basketball ended for the season.

Danielle said that sports like basketball helped to “toughen” up Blayke Busby. And she found a lot of self-confidence. Actually, she held her own messing about with the hoop and a ball in a challenge with her mom. The Busby parents purchased some equipment and hoped that one day, the kids might become interested in it. But for some reason Danielle seemed a bit surprised that Blayke took to it. In one post, she said she “never thought” she’d do that. That came when she shared that Blayke started dance classes.

Danielle Busby Dotes On Her Blossoming Beautiful Daughter Blayke

Apart from dancing, Blayke takes up volleyball as a sport

On Saturday, February 13, Danielle shared a photo of herself with Blayke at the volleyball court. In her caption, she said, “Completed Basketball and straight onto Volleyball 🏐.” Then she celebrated her first tournament, saying, “#yay First VB Tournament today and Blayke did great! Love watching my babygirl play! Makes me want to get out there and play too, lol.”

OutDaughtered fans reacted to the news that Blayke Busby plays more sports and competed in a tournament. One fan noted that Blayke seems very “successful.” Lots of TLC followers posted hands-capping. And others discussed how much she twins with her mom. Meanwhile, other fans said they would love to “play volleyball.”  Actually, it seems that volleyball’s a very popular sport in Houston.

Credit: dbusby | Instagram

Popular sport in Houston, Texas

365thingsinhouston reported that apart from the popularity of the sport in schools, plenty of locals enjoy a game of volleyball on sand. Actually, it’s not hard for OutDaughtered fans to imagine Blayke Busby doing that when she grows a bit older. It also looks like when the time comes for college, that Blayke takes sports quite seriously. Perhaps one day, she might even become really good at those games.

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