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Matt James Responds To Chris Harrison ‘Bachelor’ Controversy

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Matt James previously responded to the Rachael Kirkconnell racist allegations and now he commented on the Chris Harrison controversy. Recall, Rachel Lindsay interviewed the Bachelor host about the racist allegations. And, he excused Rachael for it, fans thought. Most especially, he upset fans when he talked about “woke” police. And others thought he supported slavery when he commented on Rachael attending an Old South Ball.

Matt James first responded to allegations of racism against Rachael Kirkconnell

We reported that back when an old classmate from her school called Rachael out for racism, Matt responded. He chose his words carefully. Ironically, he and Rachel seemed immediately attracted to each other. So, as he’s the first Black person on The Bachelor, one would think fans applauded Rachael for setting aside any prejudice. But, accusations came that she mocked the old classmate for  “dating a Black man.” And the story about her attending the ball also emerged later.

Matt James felt that everyone should take care when discussing the contestants in The Bachelor. He also feels a lot of hate stems from this type of thing. And in fact, he noted that a lot of the women seem villainized. He believes that people should be allowed their chance to speak up before people condemn them.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, he said, “I would say that you have to be really careful about what you are doing on social media.” He also said, “Rumors are dark and nasty and can ruin people’s lives. ” Now with the Chris Harrison controversy arising he spoke out again.

Responding to Chris Harrison controversy

It all started when Rachel Linsday discussed Rachael Kirkconnell with Chris. She pressed her point about racism but Chris didn’t take to her side of things. In fact, fans grew upset as he said that people get far too worked up about it. And he claimed nobody was all that woke back in 2018. He also used the words “woke police” which upset more people. And many of them felt he gave the nod to slavery when he excused Rachael for the Old South Ball appearance.

Of course, not everyone thinks he said something unforgivable. But, these days slavery and racism are very touchy subjects.

Matt James Chris Harrison Controversy Bachelor
Credit: Matt James | Instagram

Chris Harrison made a public apology and admitted he made a mistake. The Bachelor host also extended his apology to Rachel Linsday. And now, albeit a bit belated, Matt James commented on the drama. US Weekly reported that Matt made his comment about it via his Instagram Stories. And, he came out in support of Rachel Lindsay.

He said, “I am beyond grateful to have Rachel as a mentor during this season.” He said to her, “Your advocacy of BIPOC people in the franchise is invaluable, I stand with you and the rest of the women advocating for change and accountability.”

So, it seems that if Chris Harrison hoped that Bachelor lead Matt James would stand by him that never happened.

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