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‘MAFS’ Couple Jacob & Haley Discuss Intimacy Issues

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Fans noticed the awkward chemistry between Married at First Sight Couple, Jacob and Haley in the first couple of episodes. The couple has spent a considerable amount of time warming up to each other. The MAFS couple has finally crossed the line of intimacy. But did finally sleeping together help or hurt their relationship?

Credit: Youtube
Credit: Youtube

MAFS Jacob and Haley have a conversation about intimacy

Haley, 28, has been single for seven years and was “always a bridesmaid” before being expertly matched to Jacob, 38. Jacob who also has been single a long time had chosen to put his career before his love life. However, after realizing how near he was to his 40th birthday he chose to go on MAFS to finally find his match.

Their wedding started off slow but the couple deepened their relationship on their honeymoon in Las Vegas. The relationship has seen progress in all areas except their emotional and physical connection. After finally having sex, the couple discusses their next steps. And the discussions have a lot of hesitancy.

Jacob asked Haley whether or not she will feel comfortable moving in together soon. This is a big part of the Married at First Sight process. The majority of couples on the show opt in for sharing a home together to explore the depths of their relationship. Haley admits that she’s been single for the past seven years and is not used to having to include another person when making decisions.

Jacob responds that he has a hard time reading her openness to physical affection because of how closely she keeps her emotions guarded. Haley didn’t respond to Jacob. She seemed uncomfortable as he explained that he feels rejected by her. Due to the fact that he has initiated all of their physical contact. Jacob doesn’t say it yet, but it is clear that this will be a problem.

Can Jacob and Haley overcome their awkward chemistry?

On their wedding night, Haley was noticeably uncomfortable sharing a bed with her new husband. Jacob was ready for intimacy earlier than Haley. Their conflicting personalities shined when meeting their new in-laws in previous episodes. Haley let her social personality show when discussing with Jacob’s friends about her travels. However, Jake discussed unexciting details of home renovations with Haley’s family members.

Experts hope that their different personalities and lifestyles will complement each other. But when are we going to see it? Married at First Sight fans are skeptical about this couple being able to make it work. One commenter from Reddit shared, “I don’t think it’s BAD that Jacob has niche interests…What is BAD is pairing someone with such a niche lifestyle (diet, introverted, gaming, + weird house) with someone who doesn’t share those interests and probably considers herself more conventional…If you want couples to work, you pair them based on lifestyle and outlook.”

Tune in to see if Jacob and Haley can continue to make this marriage work. You can catch Married at First Sight every Wednesday on Lifetime at 8 p.m EST.

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