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Janelle Brown Discusses Watching ‘Sister Wives’ & Live-Tweeting

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Janelle Brown sounds super-excited for the new season of Sister Wives and chatted about where you can watch it. She also plans on returning again this year with her live-tweeting. Actually, some TLC fans think the live-tweeting is the best part of the show.

However, some fans expressed their better disappointment about where they watch it this year. Kody’s wife rode to the rescue and put fears at ease.

Janelle Brown on where to watch Sister Wives

The show comes along with a lot of drama as usual. And, even Kody admitted fans should expect a rather controversial season. Well, so far, fans seem disappointed that once again, the wives all seem terribly unhappy. And, once again, Meri cries her eyes out. No doubt, “sobbin Robyn” also gets out the tissues at some stage. Christine Brown still wants to move back to Utah. And we noted that so far, it doesn’t look like the Brown family live close together on Coyote Pass as they hoped.

In the upcoming season of Sister Wives, fans see everyone discussing “The Principle,” something their church believes helps polygamous families stay together. Janelle explained, “The Principle for us is the real term for plural marriage — it’s the principle of plural marriage. I mean, it’s really a gospel principle for us.”

Well, it seems “The Principle” might be straining at the edges somewhat as the family head into COVID-19 and quarantine. But, many fans complained they can’t watch it. So Janelle Brown explained that the show definitely comes on discovery+ and on TLC as usual.

‘Sister Wives’ Stars Talk The Importance of ‘The Principle’ & What It Is

Live tweeting during the TLC show

The confirmation that the season comes on both TLC and discovery+ cheered up a lot of fans. It came when Janelle shared a poster for the show and reminded fans that it premieres on Sunday, February 14. In the caption, she also told fans, “I’ll be live tweeting if you do that sort of thing 😀.” And she also sounds so excited as she added, ” Woot woot.” Well, for fans, that’s something to “woot” about.

Although the Sister Wives cast live-tweeted in the past, it’s nice to hear that once again, Janelle Brown adds her comments. Fans appreciate it.

After all, it brings a personal touch for her fans. And sometimes, she interacts with them. Or with the other cast members. With the discovery + discussion out the way, fans responded to Janelle Brown’s post. One of them said, “Yay!!! I’ve been needing a pick me up and this is perfect! ❤️.”

Janelle Brown Discusses Watching Sister Wives and Live Tweeting
Credit: Janelle Brown | Instagram

If you don’t know Janelle Brown’s Twitter, you can find it on this link.

Were you concerned that you might not be able to watch Sister Wives on TLC? Well, now you can relax. Which of the stars will you follow when they start live-tweeting? Sound off in the comments below.

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