Gordan Ramsey Trashes Vegan

Gordon Ramsay Trashes Vegan In Hilarious TikTok, Supports Farmers

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No one has ever claimed that Gordon Ramsay has too much patience. In fact, the celebrity chef is well known for not brooking annoyances.

The reality television star and British gourmand lets people know what he thinks as soon and often as he can. That was certainly the case in a recent Tik Tok video mashup.

Ramsay took to the social media site to make his followers laugh, while also once again expressing his support for farmers.

The hilarious video is billed as a duet with ThatVeganTeacher. She kicks it off by singing to Ramsay about how eating animals and killing animals is wrong.

At first, it appears the celebrity chef is going along with the song. As she sings her song, Ramsay nodded his head along and takes a very big bite out of some leafy greens.

It isn’t until the end of the short song that the twist is revealed. ThatVeganTeacher sings that he can call her a donut, as long as he goes vegetarian.

However, as the song wraps up, he does indeed call her a vegan donut. Ramsay then reaches off-screen and pulls out a big juicy hamburger and takes a very big bite. It turns out the popular chef isn’t about to turn Vegan or Vegetarian any time soon.


#duet with @thatveganteacher Beef #burgers were consumed while making this tiktok #ramsayreacts #fyp

♬ EatingAnimalsIsWrongGordonRamsay – That Vegan Teacher 🦋

Twist Wasn’t A Twist For Gordon Ramsay

While Ramsay first looked like he was going to go along with the song, the caption of the TikTok video itself should have clued viewers in. The celebrity chef is not someone who believes everyone should be vegan. He doesn’t think going vegetarian is the way of life for everyone.

As someone who creates and cooks foods for high-end clients, he knows there’s something to be said for eating meat. The caption for this particular troll job of ThatVeganTeacher tips viewers off to what’s coming. His caption illustrated Ramsay ate a beef burger in the video.

Supporting Farmers

Not long after Ramsay posted his TikTok, a community that often feels like they’re being attacked, decided to voice their thanks. A group of farmers decided to make a TikTok of their own explaining how hard they have it at times.

The first farmer explains that people have threatened his family. He then goes on to explain that he thinks celebrities need to show more love to those who produce their food. Other farmers soon join the video to express their thanks as well.


Always standing behind farmers, grateful for the work they do and passion they have on a daily basis #everychefneedsafarmer @tr_jones7

♬ original sound – Gordon Ramsay

There’s no trolling of anyone in this particular video. Instead, Gordon Ramsay posted it onto his official TikTok in order to show support. He captioned the video, “always standing behind farmers, grateful for the work they do and passion they have on a daily basis.” He added the hashtag, #everychefneedsafarmer, in case his message somehow wasn’t clear.

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