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Matt James Throws Serious Shade At “Queen” Victoria

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Viewers aren’t the only ones glad “Queen” Victoria is gone from The Bachelor. Matt James certainly isn’t shedding any tears. He is, however, downing a drink in her honor. How does he really feel about the villain of Season 25?

Matt James Asked to Rate Victoria’s Likeability

The first few weeks of The Bachelor focused more on the drama between the ladies in the house than their dates with Matt James. Just when fans were getting fed up, he sent the ones creating the tension home, including Victoria Larson. 

Many fans felt that the self-professed Queen was the main culprit in the bullying. However, it took a while for Matt James to catch onto that fact. Since her exit, he has done his best to remain neutral about her. 

But that all changed on his appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live earlier this week. Along with guest Lindsay Hubbard from Summer House, Matt James played a drinking game, “Truth or Drink.” The guests were asked questions they could answer truthfully or take a drink. 

Andy Cohen kicked things off with a very raunchy question, which the Bachelor answered without hesitation. But when a question about “Queen” Victoria came along, he was less willing to answer. 

When the question came up asking Matt James to rate how much he liked Victoria on a scale of 1-10, he quickly took a sip of his drink. E! News reports that he started coughing from taking such a long drink to avoid answering. 

It seems that Matt James’ opinion of “Queen” Victoria may be in the negative numbers. 

Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Praises How Matt Kept His Cool During Drama

Matt James confronted several of the women about the “toxic” atmosphere in the house. Larson, Anna Redman and MJ Synder were all sent home over the course of the last two episodes. During their appearance on WWHL, Lindsay Hubbard took a moment to give Matt James credit for keeping calm amid the drama. 

She said that he handled the “crazy situations with such class.” He replied that he tries to treat everyone respectfully and fairly. 

Virtual audience members were then chosen at random to ask the guests questions. One Bachelor superfan asked Matt James how he feels about having fantasy suites with several different women. The Bachelor Nation star artfully sidestepped the question by saying viewers will find out in “two to three weeks.” However, he was more than happy to answer her other question about his thoughts on using fruit in the bedroom. 

It’s a hard pass for Matt James. He said “fruit gives me gas.” 

What do you think of Matt James’ shady response to the question about Victoria? Do you agree with his sentiments that she wasn’t very popular? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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