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‘7 Little Johnstons’ Ten-Year Throwback Photo

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7 Little Johnstons aired their first episode in March 2015 so the throwback photo this week predates that. It revealed the whole family ten years ago, and fans agree that they looked so adorable. Notably, Trent and Amber barely changed in all those years. Now, the kids work, study, and learn to drive already. So the picture seemed like a bit of a treat for TLC fans.

7 Little Johnstons photo predates the first season of the TLC show

We reported that these days, the kids seem so grown up. Even the youngest kids, Emma and Alex sell things through their online stores. Alex sells paper origami, while Emma makes and sells jewelry. Meanwhile, Anna deals in bracelets and beadwork. Elizabeth also sells her own artwork. It’s not clear if Johan also runs a store. But he’s very much in love and dates a steady girlfriend while attending college. So, many things changed in the lives of the TLC stars in the last ten years.

The very first episode of the show aired on March 31, 2015. Titled Birds and Bees Make babies, it revealed the 7 Little Johnstons cast renovating their first dream home. Meanwhile, Anna and Elisabeth prepared for their first “formal dance.” TLC described the latest season as an average American family of seven. Only, all of them are little people. They still rely on each other as they cope in a world full of average-sized people. They also renovate their home again and look at Trent and Amber keeping their intimacy sparky. But the throwback photo takes people way back beyond the first season of the show.

Fans react to throwback pic

On February 11, the @team7lj account on Instagram shared the photo. In the caption, it read, ” TBT •❤️ day 10 years ago.” Well, Anna and Elisabeth look way younger than anyone preparing for their first “formal dance.” Emma and Alex look so cute and adorable as youngsters. And today’s sometimes surly-looking Johan grins and stands proudly next to his dad. He looks remarkably like Trent in the throwback photo. Fans know that Jonah and Elizabeth are the only two kids biologically related to Amber and Trent.

Naturally, 7 Little Johnstons fans reacted to the photo. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “Lord have mercy this is adorable! ❤️”
  • “Beautiful! Mom and dad still look the same 🙂.”
  • “Gorgeous family !! Then and now! ❤️😍”
  • “Oh my goodness…time has flown so fast!!!”
  • “Ohhhh…so adorable ❤️.”
  • “What a wonderful picture and memory.”
  • “❤️❤️ this is adorable! They’ve all grown up! You and Trent haven’t aged [a] bit🥰🥰.”

Many other 7 Little Johnstons fans said that the family looked so “cute.”

7 Little Johnstons Ten-Year Throwback Photo
Credit: Team7lj | Instagram

What do you think about the 10-year throwback photo shared by the 7 Little Johnstons‘ account on Instagram? Do you think they all looked so adorable back then? Sound off in the comments below.

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