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‘Marrying Millions’: Rodney Foster Fans Think He Had An Affair

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Marrying Millions star Rodney Foster often faces accusations that he’s really gay. Paradoxically, though, Lifetime fans now think he’s something of a womanizer. And, they suspect that he possibly had an affair. Actually, in Wednesday’s episode of the show, people thought that Desiry seemed a bit jealous of Patrice, the real estate agent who showed them around a new place.

Marrying Millions – Rodney Foster chats with Patrice who seems overly intimate

For a long time now, Desiry claimed that she and Rodney don’t fake it on the TV show. Actually, Marrying Millions fans think Rodney’s a likable person. And a little criticism goes the way of Desiry. But many people totally believe that he’s LGBTQ and they suspect his mom’s well aware of that.  In fact, they often call for him to stop with the charade and just “come out.” But that doesn’t really go with Patrice who showed Desiry and Rodney around a new house.

Apart from trying to convince him she should fork out $6 million, Patrice seems rather flirty and knowledgeable about Rodney. And, rather suggestive with innuendo. Even Desiry picked up on it with raised eyebrows. When she talked about Patrice knowing what Rodney’s family would want, she seemed a bit jealous. And definitely, fans picked up the vibe. Over on Twitter, one Marrying Millions fan noted, “Desiry is still convinced Rodney Girl messed around on her with another woman…okay.”

Instagram fans think Rodney had an affair

On Instagram, fans seem rather more convinced that Rodney and Patrice slipped between the sheets. Rodney shared a teaser for the episode that revealed Patrice going with the hard sell on the house. Here’s what some Marrying Millions fans said about it:

  • “Rodney look like he got some going on with her 😏.”
  • “Did you see her put her tongue on her lips like that yeah Rodney banged that or is banging that.”
  • ” serious she gave the im going to or i did f#*k him look.”
  • “Patrice is fine fine!”
  • “It’s eye contact and the smiles, she knows what he likes! It’s the REAL IN REALTOR FOR ME! 🔥”
  • “time for a new love interest or at least a side chic lol😂🤫.”
  • “Ohhhh she’s out right disrespectful with her innuendos😮. I feel real crazy bc I didn’t know you were into women. I assumed you played for the other team. My stupid *ss assumptions.🤦‍♀️”
Marrying Millions Rodney Foster Fans Think He Had An Affair
Credit: Lifetime via Rodney Foster | Instagram

Well, that Marrying Millions fan’s not the only one with assertions about Rodney Foster’s sexual preferences. In fact, All About The Tea asserts he really is gay and they even questioned his wealth. Allegedly, a friend told the outlet, “He’s lived as an openly gay man for years, so we were all confused. and disappointed.”

What are your thoughts about Patrice coming on to Rodney? Do you believe he had an affair with her? Sound off in the comments below.

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