‘Disenchanted’: Sequel Of ‘Enchanted,’ Where To Watch It

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Disenchanted comes as the sequel to Disney’s Enchanted which starred Amy Adams. Word first came about the sequel way back in 2018. Now, fans still don’t know when the movie might actually drop. But, news came out on where you can watch it once it arrives. It came via a tweet back in December. And yes, Amy returns to reprise her role as Giselle.

Disenchanted, the Enchanted sequel likely a big hit

Enchanted enthralled fans of Disney. Actually, it did quite well in the rankings. First released in the USA, it later went worldwide. And it came out on video. Over time, it topped $340,384,00. Back in 2020, fans could watch it on iTunes and Google Play. Recall, the original premise of the story involved modern-day New York City. The princess from Andalasia ended up in NYC after an evil queen wanted her out the way. Giselle met up with a lawyer and lost her heart to him.

In Disenchanted, the sequel, ten years passed by. Now, Giselle starts pondering her happiness. And that involves causing a mishmash of upsets and incidents in both the real world and in Andalasia. When Patrick Dempsey spoke to ET about the sequel in 2018, he said, “I hope it can live up to what we did originally, that’s the important thing.” At the time, Amy also said she’d definitely reprise her role in Disenchanted. And it looks like that happened.

Where to watch Disenchanted

In reply to their own tweet about Peter Pan & Wendy in December, the news emerged on where fans can watch the sequel. The show comes exclusively to “DisneyPlus.” At least that’s a different service than Discovery Plus. In fact, discovery + hopes to rival networks like Disney Plus and Netflix. Their subscriptions increase in March this year. And many people already feel grumpy about the extended reach of the streaming service. After all, particularly with the TLC reality TV shows, it means forking out more money on top of Cable. And, the subscription locks people in for a relatively long time.

While the release date hasn’t emerged yet, at least Disenchanted, the sequel for Enchanted comes along sometime. IMDb notes that “Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey” appear in the movie in starring roles. Plus, James Marden is “rumored” to feature as Prince Edward. In March last year, the sequel remained in the pre-production stage. Once it arrives it should also come out available in “Video (UHD).”

Disney movies remain all-time favorites. So, the chances seem very good that many people will turn in and watch Disenchanted. The original premiered in 2007, so for many little kids, it might be their first adventure with Giselle. Remember to check back with us often, and as soon as we confirm a release date, we’ll be sure to tell you all the details.

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