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‘1000-LB Sisters’ Is Tammy Bigger Than When She Started?

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1000-LB Sisters’ Tammy upset Dr. Procter as she failed her weight loss goal. Initially, she worked hard but during quarantine, that went out the window. TLC fans thought her excuse about confinement making her eat more sounded rather feeble. After all, it’s not like she ever went anywhere before that, anyway. Now the doctor gave up on her, but why? Is she heavier than when she started her weight loss journey?

1000-LB Sisters – Tammy changes doctors

Remember when Tammy’s brother met up with her for breakfast after Tammy saw Dr. Procter? She seemed so unhappy. And he told her that she should stop blaming everyone else for her weight. He believed she should worry about herself and not about what Amy does. Well, that never stopped her from persisting in her theory that Amy always feeds her the wrong stuff. Later, when they went for therapy, once again, she blamed Amy for everything. So, many fans think she slowly commits suicide. And, she knows already that the doctor fears her weight might kill her inside of five years.

Dr. Procter eventually decided he couldn’t/wouldn’t help Tammy anymore. She started in the show at 605lbs. At one stage, things looked a bit brighter for Tammy on 1000-LB Sisters. Recall, she lost enough weight to qualify for her weight loss surgery. But she quickly started going back up from her lowest weight of 550 pounds. TLC fans seem unsurprised that she put back the weight. After all, she talked about gaining 50lbs in a month. And, fans heard her say she ate 32 meals in a couple of days.

Is Tammy bigger than when she started and why?

One big problem seems to be the fact that Tammy not only blames Amy for her weight. She also tells Amy what she wants. In fact, allegedly she even tells Amy at one stage that it’s her “money.” And she threatens to “call the cops” if Amy didn’t buy her what she wants to eat. And it seems she desires candy and other unhealthy food. A fan suggested that Tammy picks up the phone and makes her own choices instead of laying it on Amy. After all, she’s a grown adult.

Plus, 1000-LB Sisters fans think her boyfriend Jerry Sykes is the worst person for her. He arrived after much anticipation, bearing a giant milkshake. Amy fears he enables Tammy’s overeating. TLC fans sometimes find it hard when they comment on Tammy and her size. After all, body-shaming seems a bit ugly these days. But they genuinely fear for her life. Rightfully so, if she now weighs more than when she started out.

Sadly, 1000-LB Sisters’ Tammy Slaton now weighs in at 644lbs. So, she put on nearly 40lbs over quarantine. During that time, she also ended up in the hospital with COVID-19, which probably helped her lose a bit of weight. But as she already struggles with breathing and walking, fans fear that her health declined.

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