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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Slam Kody Brown After Teaser

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Sister Wives fans saw a teaser drop on TLC’s Instagram on Wednesday, February 9. Most of them slammed Kody Brown as once again, the show brings tears and unhappiness and a complaining patriarch. Actually, the original storyline represented a reasonably happy life in the polygamous family. Now, it puts out a message that polygamy is the worst kind of relationship, fans think.

Sister Wives – Meri cries again, Kody complains, fans slam him

Fans already saw that Meri ran into more issues with Kody Brown. We reported that despite assuring fans she remains with him and she’s happy, she looks anything but happy in the teasers. We reported that Meri presently posted about how “Letting go leads to freedom.” But that doesn’t mean she gave up and let Kody go out of her life. In fact, maybe she just let go of the “fear that keeps people from moving ahead.” But really, fans seem disappointed that once again, the season brings Meri crying.

Sister Wives also brings an unhappy Christine Brown who just wants to “go back to Utah.” Kody complained about listening to “women telling [him] how unhappy they are.” And he doesn’t want to “spend the rest of his life” going through it. Even usually upbeat Janelle Brown complained and told him the family “started feeling different the moment we moved.” In fact, the only one who didn’t look unhappy was Robyn. Mind you, TLC fans expect that “sobbin’ Robyn” sooner or later turns on the taps.

The Sun UK noted that “Kody chuckled” when Meri asked him if he’d mind if she kissed him. What a put down!

Fans tell Kody to get over it

In the comments section of the trailer, a lot of fans slammed Kody for creating his own bad situation. And some of them wondered why he doesn’t just let the other women go and live with only Robyn. One fan wrote, “Just be with Robin. Let others go get a real man who loves them for them, (sic).”

Another Sister Wives fan commented, “these women are clearly unhappy… And he doesn’t seem to care unless they vocalize it to him… Then he gets irritated. The fact they all stay is what makes the show hard to watch.”

One irritated fan noted, “Polygamy isn’t natural. It will never work because Men & women aren’t meant to share their mates. Wth is he complaining about? He’s lucky it’s lasted this long! 🙄 IMO, it was all over once he met Robin.”

Meanwhile, someone said, “stop producing this godawful f—ing show already 😡.”

And “this show is the best reason in the world why not to pursue a polygamous marriage,” also came out.

Sister Wives Fans Slam Kody Brown After Teaser
Credit: TLC | Instagram

More fans slammed Kody for his hair and his selfish attitude. And others think he only hangs onto the other wives because he needs them for the Sister Wives show.

The new season premieres on Sunday, February 14 at 10/9c.

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