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‘When Calls The Heart’ Best Friends? Erin Krakow Clarifies Relationship With Lori Loughlin

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When Calls The Heart Season 8 starts on February 21, but Hearties understandably still miss Abigail Stanton. They also miss Jack Thornton. This means these Hallmark fans miss Lori Loughlin and Daniel Lissing.

What about the cast? Are they still pals with the two departed cast members. One fan put that question out on social media and Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton, herself, Erin Krakow had a definitive answer.

What was that?

When Calls The Heart TikTok Starts Conversation

Recently, a When Calls The Heart fan created a TikTok with photos of Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, and Daniel Lissing. The caption reads, “A trio we will probably never see again.”

Erin had a response. On Twitter, she wrote, “False. We still ❤️ each other.”

Hope Valley has always been a warm and forgiving place. One fan wrote, “Since Hope Valley has always been a place of redemption and second chances (hello, Henry), I would absolutely welcome the return of Abigail. One mistake shouldn’t define the rest of our lives, and it warms my heart to see that you are still a supportive friend to Lori. ❤️”

Fans also wanted Erin to tell Lori how much they missed her. “Would love to see Lori Loughlin back on Hallmark!! Erin, please tell Lori, always prayed for her! I sent her a letter through her first lawyer. Don’t know if she ever got it!! You are a true friend that’s why I love you both!! My husband and I adore you both!! ❤️ xoxo”

Why Daniel Lissing Leave When Calls The Heart?

When Jack Thornton died at the end of Season 5, fans were devastated. The actor that portrayed the beloved mountie, Daniel Lissing, left the Hallmark series because he wanted to do more with his career. He was ready to challenge himself with some new opportunities.

But, he has made it clear, if the folks at When Calls The Heart wanted him to show up for any reason, he was willing to do a cameo. Some fans are hoping that this could possibly happen in Season 8 when Elizabeth finally decides on who she wants to spend her life with and finally end that love triangle!

Moreover, because Lissing had left the popular series, he was able to meet his soul mate Nadia. The couple married in 2021, in a small wedding, as they could not have the big Bali bash they planned, due to Covid-19.

Could Lori Loughlin Return To Hope Valley?

One of the biggest questions is whether Lori Loughlin could return to When Calls The Heart. Already, fans are asking Erin Krakow about the return of Abigail Stanton. On the plus side, the writers of the series did not kill her off. Instead, Abigail went out East to care for a sickly relative. This leaves the door open.

Most importantly, Brian Bird, EP and co-creator, of the Hallmark series has already spoken about redemption. Could this mean a return in Season 9, assuming the series gets renewed again?

Hearties will never give up hope.

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