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Ysabel Brown Captures Fans’ Attention – Is She A Nail Biter?

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Ysabel Brown went for back surgery in 2020. Fan know she suffered from scoliosis for most of her life. So, they really hope she recovers well. On February 7, her mom Christine Brown shared some photos of Ysabel photographing a scenic view. And fans noticed that her daughter might be a nail-biter. If she is, it’s hardly surprising given the emotional trauma she suffered from those ghastly braces for years.

Ysabel Brown emerged in Flagstaff in December after back surgery

In December we reported that Ysabel looked well after her back surgery. She took herself off to the school and collected a book. Then, she went shopping at Target. And she drove herself there. So Sister Wives fans felt happy for her. After all, she wore debilitating back braces for years. In fact, fans saw her in tears in one episode of the TLC show. For years, her mom Christine, and dad Kody, held off against corrective surgery.

Fans don’t see Kody interacting much with Ysabel Bown. But then again, Kody stays very quiet on social media outside of the Sister Wives season. The Hollywood Gossip noted that fans ranted about the fact that Kody never mentioned Ysabel’s back surgery. While Christine thanked fans for their well-wishes, Kody never even mentioned it. Bear in mind, that Christine asked fans for financial help for the surgery. And fans blamed him for not making proper medical provision for his huge family.

Stupendous view captured by Ysabel but fans noticed her fingernails

Of course, Kody might have been in the car with Christine and Ysabel when they stopped on the roadside to photograph the view. Christine captioned her photo with, “sometimes on trips we have time to stop at the scenic overlooks and take photos. What a beautiful day to ‘stop and smell the roses.” Admittedly, there were no roses but most fans got the idea.

The area mostly looked like a wildfire passed through it. But Sister Wives fans think that way too often, people rush past the scenery without enjoying it. Christine shared two photos of Ysabel Brown capturing the scenery. In one of them, it showed a thumb where Ysabel held the camera. And her nail looked badly bitten. One fan commented, “Looks like you have a nail biter. I just stopped biting my nails a few months ago and I’m 42. It’s tough. 😊” But most fans just liked seeing the teen looking pain-free.

Ysabel Brown Photographs View - Is She Nail Biter 1
Credit: Christine Brown | Instagram

Nail-biting was probably Ysabel’s least concern as she navigated life with that painful back. And, maybe once she feels stronger, she might focus on the smaller issues like biting her nails. Sister Wives fans also hope that the upcoming season by TLC covers some of Ysabel Brown’s journey through her surgery and into a happier future.

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