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Todd Chrisley Says He Can Do Anything ‘Longer’ & ‘Harder’ Than Chase

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Things got a little heated between Todd Chrisley and his son Chase during the most recent episode of Chrisley Knows Best. Namely, Chase seemed to suggest he thought he was more manly and masculine than his father. Moreover, he just believed there were things he could do that his father was not capable of doing. And, if you heard “anything you can do I can do better” playing in your head while watching one scene in particular from the episode… You were not alone.

Chase Chrisley says dolls and tea parties are his father’s scene

Chloe Chrisley did try to invite Chase to join them for her fairy tea party. But, he revealed he had some plans with a fan. Even though he reassured her he would have loved to participate in the tea party. Todd Chrisley, however, is all in for having the tea party with his granddaughter.

Chase noted the dolls and tea parties were more his father’s speed. But, he was going on to do other things with his friend. Things at a speed his father couldn’t keep up with.

Todd, however, didn’t take too kindly for what his son was trying to say to him. And, he was quick to fire back.

Todd educates his son on where he came from

Todd Chrisley was quick to educate his son. To remind him that he came from Todd and Julie’s loins. And, he taught Chase everything he knows. So, there was nothing Chase could do that Todd Chrisley could not also do. And, it was insulting for him to claim otherwise.

Todd proceeded to add he could do anything Chase could do for “longer” and “harder.”

Julie isn’t interested in trying to keep up

In the video clip you can watch down below, the scene cuts to Todd Chrisley and Julie chatting on the couch. Chase exits. Julie affirms she has no interest in trying to keep up with her children. She considers it a “been there, done that” situation. Todd, however, believes he would have no trouble keeping up with his children. He could dance circles around them. Julie rolled her eyes. Not sure if she agreed with her husband’s large ego.

Now, fans assume this banter between Chase and Todd is all in good fun. Fans love this family and they know the entire family gets along really well. But, the banter just makes the show more interesting.

The real question is simple. Do you think Todd Chrisley can keep up with his son? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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