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Blayke Busby Ends Basketball Season With A Win

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Blayke Busby only took up basketball recently. And, she won her very first game. Or, her team. League City Sharks did anyway. Adam and Danielle seemed very proud of their daughter. Since then, she continued through the season, and this weekend, the OutDaughtered family went along and watched her final game for now. The quints and their dad Adam made their hands into shark fins and cheered, “Go Sharks.”

Blayke Busby enjoyed her basketball season

We reported that Blayke started playing basketball with her cousin McKenzie Mills. Blayke is slightly younger than McKenzie, but they played on the same team. So, fans thought it sounded like good fun. Especially, as she had someone to play with. No doubt. she also made more new friends amongst the other team members. The League City Sharks Basketball Program coaches enthusiastic girls. And they teach kids values like “hard work…and proper technique.

Much celebration came from the OutDaughtered family when Blayke Busby played her very first game for the team. Adam Busby seemed so proud of his daughter. She only recently started and enjoyed the thrill of “winning” her very first game. In the comments of that post, some TLC fans talked about how they learned so much self-confidence when they played the sport as kids. And now, it certainly seems like it brought some changes to Blayke as well.

Blayke Busby Wins Her First Basketball Game

Busby’s seem thrilled that Blayke won her final game of the season

Taking to her Instagram stories on Saturday, February 6, Danielle shared about the final game. Earlier in the day, the kids all enjoyed some donuts. So, they seemed full of energy as they filed into the hall. There, Adam and the quints placed their hands over their heads so they looked like shark fins. And they supported their sister by yelling “go sharks!” Actually, it certainly looks like the whole family might miss those weekend games now the season ended.

In one of the slides, Danielle captioned a photo with “Winner.” She added, “SO PROUD OF OUR BLAYKERS.” Then she said that Blayke Busby built some “confidence” playing basketball. And she also learned a bit of toughness. But importantly and “most of all, Blayke “had so much fun.” Danielle said that she thought the game was “good” for her daughter. For some reason, the OutDaughtered mom said she never “thought that she would do a sport like basketball.”

Natural-born basketball player?

Blayke seems tall for her age and lives with a competitive bunch of sisters. So, many people felt she was a natural-born player. On December 4, we reported that Blayke and her mom played a bit of basketball at home and she held her own against Danielle in “H.O.R.S.E!” So, many fans thought that if she played that well against an adult, then surely she showed a lot of potential to get really good in time to come.

Blayke Busby Ends Basketball Season With A Win
Credit: dbusby | Instagram Stories

What do you think about Blayke Busby playing the game? And not only that but her team won the first game of the season and also slam-dunked their final game as well. Sound off in the comments below.

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