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Did Aaron Rodgers & Shailene Woodley Get Engaged Already? Looks That Way

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Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley apparently started dating in 2020. The rumor started after he split from Danica Patrick. But more details about Aaron and Shailene only recently came out. They apparently have a rather low-key long-distance relationship. So, possibly he secretly became engaged to Danica before their split. Or he and Shailene actually grew closer a lot faster than fans thought.

Aaron Rodgers engaged in 2020 – but who to? Danica or Shailene?

We reported in November that fans speculated that Aaron found a new girlfriend. And Shailene’s name was bandied about late last year. Recall, he previously dated Danica. However, they split in July and many people thought the problems associated with quarantine did the couple in. Notably though, at one stage Aaron talked about a potential marriage to Danica. So, maybe they became secretly engaged, and when they split, they never mentioned it.

Most people think Aaron Rodgers never actually became engaged to Danica. So, possibly he and Shailene simply enjoyed more of a whirlwind romance than previously believed. On February 2, we reported that the brother of Jordan Rodgers of Bachelorette fame, dated Shailene. But it seemed very low-key and most of it seemed like long-distance chats.

Engagement mention during Aaron’s acceptance as MVP, 2020 NFL season awards

Certainly, when E! Online mentioned the relationship between Aaron and Shailene, it seemed clear they never progressed as far as an engagement. They noted that a source mentioned Shailene travels with her acting job. And she currently keeps herself busy “working on-set in Montreal to film Misanthrope.” In fact, The source noted that they both seem busy and remain career-focused. While they “make time for each other,” we felt it might not go to the next level for some time.

So, it certainly came as a surprise when Aaron Rodgers casually mentioned that he became engaged in 2o20. Hitc.com reported that the announcement came from a radiant Aaron during his acceptance speech when he won the MVP award. And it seems unlikely that he’d sound so happy if he became secretly engaged to Danica and then boke it off. So naturally, fans think he and Shailene Woodley took things to the next level.

Twitter discusses Shailene Woodley & Aaron

Of course, when Green Bay Packers posted about the MVP award, a lot of people congratulated him. But the fact that he mentioned an engagement never went unnoticed. One person talked about how he got a ring and so did Shailene. In other posts, fans seemed shocked at the news. But they mostly agree it’s probably Shailene. One person tweeted, “aaron rodgers getting engaged to shailene woodley was not on my pandemic bingo card.” 

Another fan noted, “I’m just shocked to learn that Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley got engaged!!!”

But other people have questions. As one person wrote, “Come to find out [if] his fiancé is Shailene Woodley. For some reason I have so many questions about this.”

Then this comment came along: “Just this week everyone was joking about Jojo Fletcher [Bachelorette] and Shailene Woodley being in-laws and damn. Happened sooner than we all thought.”

While the couple kept their relationship low-key so far, some fans thought the engagement mention by Aaron Rodgers seemed rather low-key as well. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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