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‘General Hospital’ Speculation: Is Wes Ramsey Leaving The Beloved Soap?

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Fans began to wonder and speculate that Wes Ramsey could be leaving General Hospital. He shared a photo of himself on Instagram along with a message that has many talking. His post was indicative that he could be be saying his goodbyes to Port Charles. So, is there any truth to the speculation?

Could Wes Ramsey be leaving Port Charles?

Wes made the mysterious post on Instagram Saturday. The original post very much sounds like a farewell message. Many fans became worried. He began the post saying, “There’s no greater sense of creative fulfillment than reaching the end of a truly epic week on set doing what you love.”

Wes went on saying, “A big shout out to all the #GH cast and crew. I’m inspired by & grateful for each & every one of you. Thank you for sharing in the adventure of this Port Charles journey. #peteraugust #whendreamscometrue.”

Fans immediately spoke out

When fans began reading Wes’ message they immediately thought he was saying goodbye. One fan said, “This sounds like a goodbye. Are they killing your character?” Another replied saying, “That’s what it seems like. I hope not, love him to hate him.” One other fan speculated that perhaps the beloved villain isn’t being killed off but rather heading to jail.

The fan comments went on to say they love Wes as Peter August. Many complimented his acting skills. Others said how easy it is to not like him. Either way, fans love Wes’ character and hope this is not goodbye.

Is Wes leaving?

Following fan comments speculating Wes is leaving Port Charles, he went back to his post to clarify. He said, “*Based on a tidal wave of comments, I must now preface–this is not a farewell post.* lol (just had a great week at ‘the office’) so thank you for all the kind & supportive words. 🙏 #GH has the best fans on the planet. 🙂.”

If by chance this was a farewell post, Wes probably wouldn’t admit it anyway. If he did he would be spoiling his own demise. So, it doesn’t look like Peter August a.k.a. Wes is planning to leave. However, if he was leaving, his departure would have a huge impact on Maxie Jones. Spoilers for the show say Maxie is about to enter anther big storm as she suffers another heartbreaking loss.

He originally joined the cast in October 2017. He instantly became a villain everyone loved to hate.

In his personal life, Wes continues to date General Hospital co-star Laura Wright. She recently celebrated her fifteenth year on the beloved soap as mob wife Carly Corinthos.

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